Apple iPad Preferred to HP TouchPad According to Analyst

HP’s first webOS tablet isn’t available to the public just yet, with HP only just revealing the 9.7-inch HP TouchPad release date and pricing, but it appears that even before the TouchPad gets out of the HP door it is being faced with being put down against the Apple iPad.

According to the guys over at the Boy Genius Report who say they were quite impressed with HP’s first webOS slate when they went hands on, Mark Moskowitz, an analyst for JP Morgan believes that consumers are not that interested in the HP TouchPad.

Apparently Moskowitz says, “While we expect HP’s webOS platform to be a differentiating factor compared to the many Android tablets expected to reach the market, we do not think the price points on the TouchPad are aggressive enough to attract the incremental buyer from the iPad.”

The analyst went on to tell investors, ”Plus, the lack of wireless connectivity and limited storage options are a setback. We will look to additional data points as the TouchPad hits the market in coming weeks, but for now, we are lukewarm.”

Who cares? Let’s be honest, analysts can on occasion get it wrong, and although Apple’s iOS tablets dominate the market there’s always room for other tablets that don’t sport the Apple logo. Who knows, maybe the HP TouchPad will do great, maybe it wont, but at least let the device get out the door before predicting doom and gloom.


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  1. I am one longtime Palm user that cannot wait to get the new “HP” Touchpad. I love my Palm Pre phone and wish I could get Pre 3 at the same time I pick up the Touchpad. Can’t go small with the Veer … too “girly”. I know the reason for the slow roll out of products is that HP is a large elephant in the technology jungle. It takes a long time for the big fella to turn around. But when he finally sits down (on the shelves of every major retail store in the world) the ground will shake and people will take notice.

    Here’s the key. WebOS simply works. It is more intuitive than Android’s Honeycomb. Blackberry is like the BMW of smartphones … only previous users and posers buy new ones. The overwhelming majority of customers are older and non-technical. The poor saps still really believe in computer name brands. The biggest name in the market has a product that works, so they will buy.

    The reason that Apple has such loyal customers and that iPad dominates the tablet market, it works. But us non-Apple users out number Apple users by a lot. We don’t buy Apple stuff no matter how much buzz it gets or how cool it is or how good it works. We just wait for Steve Jobs to innovate and then for the PC market to imitate something that works close enough to what “the cool kids” have. We buy it cheaper and by the millions.

    HP will eventually drop the price of the TouchPad and other WebOS products, especially new and cheap third-party products pop up. (Does anybody remember the Sony Clie’?) Until then, I’m going to be out there showing off my Pre 3 and TouchPad, selling as many by word of mouth that I can while simultaneously I am still sticking out my tongue at those Apple iPad snobs.

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