Apple iPad for US Schools, Samsung Galaxy Tab for Korea

Over in the good old US schools have adopted using the Apple iPad for education, but not everywhere prefers to use Apple’s iOS tablets in the education arena, as over in South Korea they have chosen to go for the Android based Samsung Galaxy Tab.

According to an article over on Ubergizmo, a report by Akihabaranews, has it that Samsung has teamed up with Daegu high school in South Korea to create what they are calling a “Smart School,” which will use the Android based Samsung Galaxy Tab for sharing educational content in the classroom.

Apparently special classrooms are to be made according to SCAS, which is where pupils go to a certain class depending on learning abilities, or subjects and the Android tablets will be pre-loaded with applications along with a specifically optimised user interface with RFID to enable teachers to have tools for managing students.

Apparently teachers will also be able to communicate with students and parents via the Samsung Galaxy Tab tablets for sending such things as report cards, and will make sure parents receive the report cards as they are digital.

Seems to me that technology has certainly changed the way youngsters learn, when I was in school many year ago you weren’t allowed to even use a calculator as it was seen as cheating, just goes to show how times have changed.


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