Phone Tracker Spy Free App Review: Pathetic

The Phone Tracker Spy Free Locate Anyone iOS app by Bocker Applications in a nutshell is pathetic; we have put this review together to let you know what we here at Phones Review really think of it.

This app is free, apparently it is a huge international success, it says it can track mobile phones when you enter recipients numbers into the app, what a load of crock is what we say. If you visit iTunes it clearly says that this application is a huge international success and in brackets it covers countries such as United States, United Kingdom, Denmark, Italy, France, Japan and a few others.

Get the best cell phone tracker for free today, oh no thank you; it is not even worth it for free. It is a waste of time as it does not work, but come on you didn’t really think it would did you?

Apparently it is the app that everyone is talking about, all you need to do is simply add a phone number into the field within the app and the satellite locates that person with top precision giving the address of where that phone is. Main features of the app includes: Access satellites from all over the world, Get the exact location of the phone that you are tracking and Use of governmental technology that has now gone public. Oh please do behave yourself, sorry but it is our honest opinion.

I might get the app just to try it seeing as it is free, our answer to that is “DON’T BOTHER”, we installed the app and then entered a mobile phone number, now we know the person is at work and yes of course we know the address. Well we are a little surprised because the person is working out at sea (Yes right smack in the middle of the ocean).

We tried another number, and for crying out loud they are working with the first person we tested, they all seem to be working out at sea. All-in-all, if you have got time to waste and would like a little fun, just go watch paint dry because that is more fun than using the ‘Phone Tracker Spy Free Locate Anyone’ iOS app by Bocker Applications.

If you have this application installed on your iOS device please do not be shy, use the commenting area below this review and post your personal reviews. Thanks

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