iPhone 4 Unlocked 16 / 32 GB on Sale: Apple Price

The Apple online store is now selling the iPhone 4 unlocked (GSM) smartphone, you can buy in either 16 or GB being it black or white versions.

We reported yesterday that the iPhone 4 unlocked was going to show up on Wednesday, but Apple seems to have beaten the date first suggested. If you visit the Apple Store online right now you will see that they have it on sale (and yes it is official).

Before we give you a little information about these new models, please do visit our poll area below this news article and vote if you will be getting one. Thanks

The new unlocked iPhone 4 requires a micro-SIM card; you can get these via a supported GSM wireless carrier. Once you have purchased your new iPhone 4 unlocked just insert the micro-SIM card into the slot and then connect to your PC or Mac using the USB cable, launch iTunes and follow the on-screen set-up. You could simply wait for the new iOS 5 to release, that way no cables needed to sync devices, OTA is coming oh yes it is.

This new iPhone 4 Unlocked has all the same features as other iPhone 4’s, the only difference is, it’s unlocked so you get to choose your carrier.

Here are the prices: 16GB = $649.00 and the 32GB is priced at $749.00, visit the Apple Store right here for more information and option to buy. You can choose either black or white models. Once again please answer the poll question below, as this will help us understand what model you will choose.

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