2011 fathers day, cards, poems, quotes via iOS apps

Fathers day 2011 is this Sunday so why not gift your dad one of these two iOS apps, these apps consist of recipes, poems, quotes, cards and messages.

If you are having problems thinking of what to get your father this Sunday, why not get some great ideas by installing these apps. You could like we said above gift him the apps, as he might love them.

The first app is called “Fathers Day All in One: Recipes/Poems/Greeting Cards/Messages”, you can this app via iTunes (App Store). Main features include: Recipes, Poems included with Send email & Change font functionality and Greeting Cards.

The second app is all about quotes and is simply called “Fathers Day Quotes”, if you love and appreciate your father you should really check this iOS app out. This app contains words from famous authors and personalities on what they have to say about fathers, the quotes contain respectful, motivational, lovable and inspirational about fathers and fathers day. For more information please visit iTunes.

Many fathers read PhonesReview on a daily basis, why not leaving him a loving message here for father’s day, sure he will appreciate a good read.

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