Android GGTracker Trojan Found In In-app Ads

Apparently there’s a new Android threat on the loose that is known as GGTracker and is a new type of malware that targets Android users through adverts, apparently the Trojan isn’t found in the Android Market like others but rather hits your Android device via in-app ads.

According to the guys over on Phandroid, Lookout Mobile Security identified the new Android Trojan that when a user click on an ad they are whisked off to a web page that mimics the Android Market and tries to get you to download and install either an adult “Sexy Pics” app or “Battery Saving” app.

Apparently once the user installs either of those apps they will sign you up for premium rate SMS subscription services without the users consent and you may not realise until you receive your next bill.

Just goes to show that when looking for Android apps it always pays to use caution, but apparently Lookout does have a mobile security app that can prevent Trojans and malware from infecting your device, otherwise you could of course head to your handset settings and disable the side-loading of applications just to be on the safe side.

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