Sammy Not Negotiating with Apple: Chocolates Not Forthcoming

Yesterday the word was that Apple and Samsung were palling up with each other and thrashing out their fight of the patent lawsuit in secret talks. This was discovered when Judge Lucy Koh told Apple and Samsung legal guns “I will send you with a box of chocolates, whatever.” However it appears Judge Koh will not be buying any chocolates in the foreseeable future.

According to an article over on Apple Insider, Samsung issues a statement on the matter to V3 in which Samsung denies any knowledge of secret talks with Apple concerning the patent lawsuit.

Samsung said in the statement, “We are unaware of any meetings or discussions between the two sides over this matter.”

So there you go, no chocolate for Samsung and Apple as they obviously can’t sit round a table and hash out their differences without a judge to preside over the matter, which is a bit of a shame as both companies could easily reach an agreement if they wanted to and get back to delivering exceptional mobile devices to the public rather than beating each other over the head with the nearest expensive lawyer.

So I guess the next move in this battle is to see whether Samsung will actually gain access to the iPhone 5 and Apple iPad 3, what do you think, will they reach and agreement before a judge says Apple has to hand over the iOS devices?

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