iPhone 5 Release September 7th Speculation: Ridiculous or Not

With Apple showcasing iOS 5 at WWDC 2011 its been all about iOS 5 and its features just lately and the speculation over just when the iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S whatever the iOS smartphone ends up being called, has taken a back seat for a while, well until a few days ago that is, with the latest speculation being the iPhone 5 will release on the 7th of September.

According to the guys over at iPhone Download Blog, an article over on International Business Times, claims that Apple will release the iPhone 5 preloaded with iOS 5 on the 7th of September, although they offer little evidence to prove that date stating several tech sites have made the prediction.

However, the iPhone Download Blog believes that date is somewhat ridiculous as firstly Apple would need to organise an August event to announce the device other than their iPod event in September and secondly Apple would need to release the next iOS smartphone on the same day or day after.

Now obviously it isn’t implausible for Apple to schedule such an extra event or even release the iPhone 5 on the same day, but to be honest if it was going to happen on the 7th of September surely word would have got out by now, besides as I always say, Apple will release the iPhone 5 only when Apple decides to do so.

Everything else is basically second guessing and speculation which is exactly what that September 7th iPhone 5 release date is, until otherwise confirmed by Apple of course… your views would be appreciated in our comments area below.

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