RIM Strong-arming Carriers to Approve BlackBerry Devices

When a new smartphone is ready for public consumption obviously the manufacturer wants as many carriers to offer the device so they can drag in the best revenue for their efforts, but just how far should a smartphone maker go to make sure a carrier approves a device?

Well, according to the guys over at the Boy Genius Report, a “trusted source” has told them that Research In Motion has been virtually forcing carriers to approve BlackBerry devices that would not necessarily make it through the “Technical Acceptance” (TA) stage.

Basically, RIM gets an OS to where they believe it performs well then sends it to carriers for testing and approval or rejection. If a carrier rejects the OS at the TA stage then the release of a device can be delayed for some considerable time as we have seen in the past.

Well apparently the BGR’s trusted source is with a major carrier and says that the BlackBerry maker has been pressurising carriers to approve upcoming BlackBerry smartphones such as the BlackBerry Bold 9900, and that “certain carriers” will approve said devices “no matter what – with bugs and problems.”

Which basically means that Research In Motion is pushing out unfinished OS builds to carriers and basically demanding that the carriers approve the OS no matter what. Apparently there have been numerous handsets that have been forced through this way and is the reason some carriers release a device before others.

So what are our readers views on this subject, should it be allowed or should smartphone makers wait until a carrier fully approves and OS before releasing a device? Or do you feel as long as a device is working reasonably well it should be released and any bugs or issues fixed after?

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