BlackBerry Bold 9900 Cases: Otterbox Register for Notifications

The BlackBerry Bold 9900 aka Touch is set to release very soon and Otterbox have three different cases just for those considering buying the handset.

Otterbox has recently unveiled the three models named Defender Series, Commuter Series and Impact Series for the BlackBerry 9900; these will also fit the BlackBerry 9930. If you click on either of the series links above you will be taken to the official Otterbox website where you can register your interest and receive notifications.

Impact Series

The cheapest price at $19.95 is for the silicone case Impact Series, $34.95 will get you the dual-layered Commuter Series, with the most expensive being $49.95 for the Defender Series case with holster.

For those in the UK, the BlackBerry Bold 9900 aka Touch will release with Three in September, whereas Carphone Warehouse will be releasing the handset in August. Please read our full article for more information.

Commuter Series

Please do let us know if you will be registering your interest in any of the above Otterbox cases for the BlackBerry 9900.

Defender Series

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  1. I hope to have the O-Box(Defender of course) before I have the actual blackberry…lol Already very happy with my OBox for my Playbook and 8520, 9780. I do hope they learned from the ratcheting belt holster and fix it for this model, as the holster was not very well designed.

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