Nokia N9 Smartphone Price, Meego or No Go

The Nokia N9 smartphone is going to be one of those handsets where you say “Should Mee-go or No Go”, the price and lack of SD card slot is going to sway a few people to turn their backs on this device.

Like the Apple iPhone 4, the Nokia N9 does not have an SD card slot and with a price tag of £599.99, we say that is a little too expensive. If you visit UK online retailer SuperEtrader, they have the handset marked up at just under £600 and out of stock (Understandable considering the phone has not been released yet), they do not have any photos on its site either.

The Nokia N9 was launched a week ago, ok so the N9 looks good but the specifications are not by any means groundbreaking, it does come with 64GB built-in memory storage, 1GHz single core TI OMAP, 1GB RAM, PowerVR SGX530 GPU, 3.9-inch 854×480 pixel capacitive display, GPS, Meego and Wi-Fi, but come on that is not really exciting is it. Guess proof will be in the pudding when we get our hands on one.

For some reason we cannot see this being a massive hit, think about the £600 price tag, lack of SD card slot, the iPhone 4 and of course the Samsung Galaxy S series, all of these smartphones are very good indeed so to say the Nokia N9 is a good rival is like saying a milk float is faster than a Lamborghini.

The upcoming iPhone 5 in our eyes will have nothing to worry about, but Nokia customers are faithful and love the way Nokia smartphones work, this is all down to the simplicity of mobile use and functions.

Our very own Phones review colleague James reported back on June 22 about camera speeds, the camera test was all about turning on / have the viewfinder ready / focus / and taking the picture / this is very interesting indeed because to do this test on the iPhone 4 took 3 seconds, the Samsung Galaxy S II took a little longer, but the Nokia N9 did it all in a mere 2.6 seconds.

If you would like to learn more about the N9, please check out the Nokia N9 videos by the dozen article we done that has 12 videos for your viewing pleasure.

One Question “Will you buy the Nokia N9 once it has been released?”


3 thoughts on “Nokia N9 Smartphone Price, Meego or No Go”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just hope Nokia cut the price of the N9 so with people having finacial problems can afford to buy the N9 some how,as the iphone4 is expensive but people can still afford to buy it,hope we get the N9 released as soon as possible

  2. You say the spec isn’t ground breaking, but the iPhone usually gets released missing up to date features, and, as that has proved, the UX is more important than what the spec sheet says.
    This phone looks to have a really great, unique UI, I for one will try my hardest to get one here in the UK.

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