Water Weight Loss via Drinking Water Android App

Water weight loss is all about drinking water, and we thought it was time to look into this a little. In the process of looking around we came across an Android app called “Drinking Water” by Chickpin.

The app in summary is all about not forgetting to drink water, ‘Drinking Water is a simple application that reminds users to drink water and in the process will track your drinking habits. Drinking a certain amount of water a day is always good for you and this app explains a lot more.

It has been proven that drinking water can help prevent or lower the risk of heart attacks, water is perfect for the right direction for weight loss improvements according to the developers, water is great for your diet and if you are dehydrated will leave you will low energy where you will feel a little tired.

Drinking water is apparently good for the skin, once you have install this app onto your Android device you will be able to set the number of cups of water you wish to drink a day, the app will remind you throughout the day to drink a cup of water. Once you have drunk a cup of water just mark it down within the app and this will track your drinking habits.

The app also contains a graph of progress and will let you know how many cups of water you have drunk, this is a simple app that will keep track and remind you. Please do let us know if you already have this app, if you do have it please send in your personal reviews. Thanks, install now via the Android Market

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