MyGreatFest Jailbreak Convention Date and Prices, iOS Mission

iOS 5, iPhone 5 and the unlocked iPhone 4S are all expected to release in September, so it was all a little too strange when we found that a new event called “MyGreatFest” is being held the same month.

MyGreatFest is the world’s first global iCommunity and Jailbreak convention for iOS jailbreakers, the event is happening Sept 17th 2011, at The Old Truman Brewery London. The organizers of this event has stressed that it is all about showing people that jailbreaking “does not stand for piracy.”

The website quotes “Our mission is to become the largest jailbreak/iCommunity convention for coders, themers, hackers, developers or any other mobile device user. To leave others with the better understanding of what jailbreaking actually means to us, and that it does not stand for piracy,” they said in their mission statement. “We aim to build upon a community that we believe to be the best there is. So please, tell the world our mission. MyGreatFest, for the community, by the community,”

It is all about teaching people how to use their Apple devices and how they can get the best out of their iPhones, iPads and iPods etc.

What is strange and just like PC Magazine notes, is that MyGreatFest (MGF) is the same month as the iOS 5 public release, and we here at Phones Review believes that the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S will also release the same month, the question is “Will the new operating system and smartphones release before September 17 (When MyGreatFest begins) or after the event?

If you would like to attend the MGF global event, prices start at £27 (Around $43 USD) for adults.

Source — GMA News

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