New iPhone 5 reality and fun fiction

When we report the latest Apple rumors it’s easy to think that you’ve seen most of them before, and even when you have decided that the next iPhone will certainly be your next phone, what about the data plan and network you’ll choose. This is even more important considering the increasing amount of networks Apple is opening the iPhone up to not only in the United States, but also worldwide. We’ve a couple of things to show you today, which relate to the iPhone 5 expected in September 2011.

First up we’ve a funny video about the 5th generation iPhone, which not only looks professional but also is complete fiction. What we like about the YouTube video (Shown below this article) courtesy of iPhoneNews2010 is how professional it has been done, it is all about fun factor and mind games.

Like original and official Apple videos the start of the video is with a man sitting down in a black t-shirt, he is holding the new iPhone 5 that looks different and we mean totally different.

The first man up in the video explains the new invisible feature, sorry if our words run away with us a little, in fits of laughter here. He shows the actual new iPhone 5 as well as a few people holding it doing their daily tasks, the second man to talk about the new iPhone says “Everything that was in the old iPhone, well we took it out”, oh yes and literally.

The third man in the video explains that it does not matter if you have tiny hands, oh yes another new feature where you can stretch and shrink the new iPhone 5. We do not need to go on anymore, it will spoil the video shown below. Trust us it is innovative and just brilliant to watch, these people really should make a TV show.

Before you go and watch the video, we would like to get back to the real world and talk about Apple iPhone 5 with unlimited data plan. The iPhone 5 is releasing somewhere around September 9th and customers would like to own the smartphone without smashing into data usage, this is a big worry for some.

Looking at a news report via IBTimes, rumours seem to be flying around that Verizon is getting rid of its $29.99 unlimited data plan.

July 7th is the expected date that Verizon will start its new data plans; four packages and four prices and these include $10/75MB, $30/2GB, $50/5GB, and $80/10GB. Current Verizon customers need not worry because you can keep your current plan after the above date. No need to worry about should I keep the iPhone 4 with the current unlimited data plans, or should I wait and get the iPhone 5 and risk losing my unlimited data plan. There is an answer, please read on.

2GB of data will give around 200 minutes or normal quality video viewing, you could get the iPhone 5 on the unlimited data plan but it will cost you. IBTimes explains that you should get the iPhone 4 right now and make a contract with Verizon and get on the unlimited data plan right now.

Make sure you keep the iPhone 4 in very good condition, when the iPhone 5 releases in September you will need to pay for it at full price, once you have the iPhone 5 your unlimited data plan will be “grandfathered in. You can then sell your iPhone 4 for a pretty sum. Clever stuff.

Now please watch that reality and fun fiction video below have fun, enjoy. Please do post comments in the area provided below. Go on be the first


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