O2 and Vodafone 3G Problems on Norfolk Broads Boating Trip

This one is for all that are on Vodafone or O2 networks, this is a personal hands-on experience by myself and will explain about 3G problems I encountered whilst on a weeks boating trip in the Norfolk Broads.

I decided it was time for a break and chose to stay close in the UK, so my partner and myself travelled from Bristol to the Norfolk Broads for a nice relaxing week break boating. Then in dawned on me that the 40-foot boat that we were hiring would not have Internet, this is where the nightmare began.

I went to the local mall and popped into Carphone Warehouse where they had a few choices of dongles, Three and Vodafone were the ones that were on my mind already, Vodafone is what I opted for with a low price tag of £25, which came with 3GB of data.

All happy now with my choice of dongle got home and tested it out, plugged the dongle into my Apple MacBook Air and bingo up and running within seconds, so easy, so smooth and so happy. Now I know I can have a nice break away on the Broads boating away, with the choice to work a little in the morning and in the evening as not to spoil my partners holiday.

All packed and ready to go, and 5 and a bit hours was at the boatyard in Stalham, to go down the Norfolk Broads and start the weeks relaxing boating trip. This is where the stress levels raised a little, to start off with let me just say “Boating the Norfolk Broads covering areas such as Stalham, Horning, Wroxham, Norwich, Great Yarmouth and a few others do not mix with 3G”.

I put the Vodafone Dongle in the laptop and nothing, tried this all throughout the week and still nothing. Ok I will use my iPhone 4 on the O2 network; oops no 3G so not working on that either, of course with no 3G did not work on my HTC Desire 3D either. Hair is getting ripped out of my head now, cannot check emails, comments, latest news, etc, all is not lossed there is free WiFi in the pubs along the way.

Free WiFi in the pubs along the way “Are you kidding me” logged on and could not even pick up their Internet wirelessly. The whole week and not one single second looking at work stuff, partner was happy in a way (She loved the trip though and so did I) because I would have got stuck into work and probably forgot we were on holiday.

This is where I call out to all readers on Phones Review: Have you owned a dongle such as Vodafone, Three etc and plugged it in and nothing. We would love to know if you done a boating trip down the Norfolk Broads and had the same trouble.

We would love to know what city you live in and if you have 3G problems, (We do not need to know where you live); just simply let us know what area such as Bristol, Norwich etc. Simply let us know the area and what networks you are on, and if you like for that little extra bit of knowledge for us let us know what phone you have.

The more comments we get here the better we can give solid stats of the good and bad areas using 3G network.


One thought on “O2 and Vodafone 3G Problems on Norfolk Broads Boating Trip”

  1. Famus Jamus says:

    Silly city folk, us Norfolk locals don’t need no 3G. Not that we’ve ever had it on the northern coast to begin with.

    2G + GMail app on phone is all I need.

    P.S. Do you *really* need 10 bloody adverts on a page? Christ!

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