Vintage Cars & Restoration Tips via iOS and Android Apps

If you are into your vintage cars and would love to learn more about restoration tips, then think about these two apps for iOS and Android devices.

The app is called “Vintage Cars” and is about restoration tips from a classic car junkie, the iOS app has been developed by AppWarrior and the Android version by KoolAppz, both apps are the same but just for different operating systems.

Everyone has their personal favourite when it comes to cars; almost all car lovers love vintage cars. There are mint condition vintage cars out there, but most need a little loving care and attention and this is where these apps come into play.

Bringing the old car back to life again is the key to a sexy and stunning model; get the renovation love in motion and bringing something old back to life.

These apps give many tips on restoring a classic car, plus great information via websites and clubs. You can display the car and in return get help by other members.

Do you want the car to simply run, or would you prefer to get it back to manufacturer’s specifications, we personally like the latter. This is a book guide application that can teach you about different types of vintage cars, what you need to restore it and where to find the parts.

The book chapters include: Vintage Car Restoration, Things You Need, Before You Begin, Types Of Cars To Restore, Interior Restoration, Body Restoration, Mechanical Restoration, Accessories, Electrical Components, Reassembly, Where To Get Help, Care Of Your Restored Car, Professional Car Restoration, Car Shows, Where To Get Parts, Twenty Quick Tips For Car Junkies, Top Websites For Car Junkies and The Car Is Yours.

If you have an iOS device then please install “Vintage Cars” via iTunes (App Store), for Android users please visit the Android Market.

We would love to know what vintage car you have, are you working on it now or are you thinking about it?

A little history about vintage cars: Vintage cars are normally built around 1920 to 1930, basically around World War I time. It is not too sure the exact date a car becomes a vintage one, it is the same as the end date, in Britain it is around 1930 and in America it is around 1925. These dates define the pre-classic car period, you have only got to visit the Classic Car Club of America to see their dates. Now if it is the end of WW2 then that date is 1945.


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