Best Sunscreen Tips & Sunblock SPF iPhone Apps

The summer is always good and we all flock to the beach, go on holidays, have some amazing BBQ’s, but we must remember the key factors and knowledge of the right sunscreen. Below we have three of the best sunscreen tips and sunblock SPF iPhone apps.

Sunscreen or sunblock, both basically meaning the same thing is a must when the sun beats down onto your skin, these apps here gives you all the information you need to protect oneself from the harmful rays.

Sunscreen is basically a suntan lotion that protects some of the suns powerful ultraviolet (UV) radiation, using sunscreen stops users getting sun burnt. Do you know about sun protection factor (SPF)? This is all about UV radiation amounts required to cause sunburn with sunscreen on, in a nutshell the higher the sunscreen block the better.

The first iPhone app is “EWG Sunscreen Buyer’s Guide”, by Environmental Working Group. This app is very informative about sunscreens and effectiveness ratings for 1,700 SPF products; it also includes ratings for SPF-labelled lip balms, makeup and moisturizers. They also report on health hazards associated with listed ingredients and so much more. Get this app now via iTunes (App Store)

The next iPhone application is simply called “Sunscreen”; summertime is a fantastic time of year with shorts/bikinis on and of course the flip-flops. The summer is a feel good factor, but the ultraviolet (UV) rays can seriously damage your skin and body cells, so what can we do to prevent this? Well, this app gives you plenty of information and features such as a sunbathing timer, interactive UV Map forecast, alarm and comprehensive sunbathing guidelines. Get now via iTunes

The third and last app is “Sunblock” via iTunes; this is a good UV index for your iPhone. By using this app it helps you protect yourself and of course your children from the dangerous UV radiation, which is getting stronger each year. Do you have the right amount of SPF in your sun lotion? Main App Features include: Calculates your needed Sunblock SPF, Constantly updated Satellite Data, Location aware GPS positioning, Adjusted UV-Index indicator, ClearSky UV-Index, Zoomed in European UV-map, Skintype identification, plus World satellite UV-map, Sun Protection Factor selector, Environment modifiers, Weekly overview and more.

When it comes to apps, we always ask our readers if they have any of the above applications installed on their iPhones, if you do please send us your personal reviews.


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