Facebook Zuckerberg Promises Launch Next Week, iPad App Perhaps?

Over the last few weeks there have been rumours that Facebook has been secretly working on a few new things, that basically Facebook have kept under wraps over than the unconfirmed leaks hitting the net, but now apparently Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced “something awesome” will be launched by the social networking giant sometime next week.

According to a report by Reuters in a visit to Facebook’s Seattle office, founder and CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg told reported that they have plans to “launch something awesome” next week, but didn’t let on what this “something awesome” would be.

Zuckerberg did say that the project has been developed at the Seattle office, and office that played a central role in the development of Facebook’s unified mobile site.

In the past couple of weeks there have been rumours that Facebook has been working on an official app for the Apple iPad, which according to an unnamed Facebook employee has been “carefully designed and optimised for the tablet,” and apparently overseen by Zuckerberg, so perhaps this is what Facebook will launch next week.

However, there was also a rumour that Facebook has been working on what is known as “Project Spartan,” something that word has it is a mobile platform for the iPhone and Apple iPad, and that Apple knows about Project Spartan, which was said to be nearing launch, so this could also possibly be what Zuckerberg is referring to.

The other rumour that was doing the round is that Facebook was working on yet another app, a photo sharing application for the iPhone, although there wasn’t a great deal of detail given about the photo sharing app other than it being compared to “Path meets Instagram meets colour,” so again this could be what Facebook is gearing up to launch next week.

Now obviously this is pure speculation based on what we have already heard Facebook may have in the works, but as none of the above have actually been confirmed, the speculation could well be far off the mark, and Facebook could possible launch something awesome next week that we know nothing about, as a spokesperson for Facebook apparently declined to elaborate on Zuckerberg’s comments.

One thing is for sure though, it’s only a couple of days until next week so whatever Facebook has up its sleeve that Zuckerberg believes is awesome, we will know all about it soon enough. Any of our readers care to take a guess at what this awesome something will be?

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