New KeenCell Mobile Battery Technology: Charges within 5-minutes

KeenCell Battery Technology is a company that has developed a new and exciting technology that we hope you will be interested in. The new technology is capable of rapid charging their proprietary battery in as little as 5 minutes for hundreds of recharge cycles.

Their technology has many possibilities and is also virtually endless. You can use KeenCell technology to rapid charge cellphones, portable games, consumer electronics, portable computers, remote controlled models and batteries for power tools. They are currently looking at the prospect of applying this technology in the rapid charging of electric scooters, HPEVs and BEVs!

They would like to invite you to visit its new website, where you can find out more on their Beta programs.

The programs are of significant value, allowing them to share and evaluate its products in a real world environment; one of the main objectives is to obtain input from many testers by furnishing batteries and charging hardware to a wide demographic audience worldwide.

Program participants will receive a Beta Kit comprised of a rapid charger, matching power supply, battery, matching battery door and software. Testers of this evaluation program need to provide regular feedback and perform baseline testing and data interchange as part of the regimen. Its Cellular Beta Program (CBP) will field up to 250,000 kits, made up of 25 models for top selling models of smartphones from manufacturers such as Blackberry, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson.

Keencell Battery Technology believe this new technology will revolutionize the power usage paradigm. As consumers, oftentimes forced to accept reduced expectations from our electronics and suffer through tethering and long recharge times. KeenCell says “No More”! Join their Power Revolution and be Free!

The Press Release:

Keencell Battery Technology is launching a website devoted to new lines of rapid charging batteries and chargers; the technology presented here allows our proprietary batteries to be fully charged in about 5 minutes (average charge time is normally between 3-10 minutes, depending on battery size and capacity).

The first line of rapid charging batteries and chargers will focus on cellphones; subsequent products will include portable games, consumer electronics, portable computers and batteries for portable power tools.

The cellular product line will be introduced globally in Q4 of 2011. Prior to the global product launch, KeenCell is pleased to announce the introduction of an open beta program to qualified beta testers worldwide. This program will consist of 25 of the most popular models of cellular batteries, suitable for over 40 models of top selling smartphones.

There will be up to 250,000 kits available to qualified public product testers worldwide. A limited quantity of advance evaluation units will be available to the media prior to the start of the beta program. For inquiries about the advance evaluation units or media kits, please contact at media@keencell.com.

Launch date for program is scheduled for the end of July, 2011.

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