Samsung Galaxy S2 Sets New Shipment Record For Company

The original Samsung Galaxy S smartphone was a big success for old Sammy, with the company shifting three million Galaxy S devices in the first 85 days, so with the next generation Samsung Galaxy S2 one would have expected the smartphone to do just as well if not better, and the word is the Samsung Galaxy S2 has now set a new shipping record for Samsung.

According to Samsung’s Flickr Account, Samsung has now revealed that the Samsung Galaxy S2 handset has smashed the previous shipment record for the company by reaching that three million units shipped milestone in just 55 days, shaving 30 days off the Samsung Galaxy S shipment record.

Apparently within this timeframe it means a Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone was sold somewhere in the world every 1.5 seconds, which one has to agree is no mean feat to accomplish, and the original Samsung Galaxy S handset became a 10 million units global seller for Samsung.

According to the announcement, here in the United Kingdom, the Samsung Galaxy S2 was selected as the best mobile phone for May and June by UK reviewer Uswitch.com, and apparently Samsung has become the most sold mobile brand for a straight seventeen weeks.

Immediately after release the Samsung Galaxy S2 in Austria grabbed fourth place in the smartphone hit list, while snatching third place in Switzerland, with Samsung garnering 30 percent of the Austrian smartphone market share while garnering 36 percent of the Swiss smartphone market share.

For those that like to compare smartphone specifications a while ago we posted a spec comparison article that compared the Samsung Galaxy S2 up against the iPhone 4 and the HTC Sensation and you can check out that spec comparison by going (here), or if you prefer you can watch a lengthy two-part video review of the Samsung Galaxy S2 by hitting up (here).

Actually considering the popularity of the original Samsung Galaxy S, and still my current smartphone, which I am quite happy with at the moment, it is no real surprise that the Android 2.3 Gingerbread successor out sold the original in such a shorter time.

Which just goes to short that there is still a healthy Android fan base out there no matter what the iOS faithful would like to think, and personally I believe that Android will continue to grow and grow pulling in more and more users and eventually overtake Apple and iOS globally.

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