Weight Loss Apps to Help Lose the Fat: Android & iOS

Trying to lose weight is easy to do, what is not easy is keeping to a plan and keeping the fat away. Below we have compiled four weight loss apps to help lose the fat and keep to a plan, two of these applications are for Android devices and two for iOS devices.

I got to admit I have sat their quite often complaining I am putting a little weight on, and trying to keep the dread excess fat off can be quite hard. Going to the gym on a regular basis to exercise is not an option when working all the time and travelling, this is where a few apps have helped me.

Let me tell you about a few apps that we hope you will like, the first app is for Android devices called “Calorie Counter PRO MyNetDiary” this application is available via the Android Market for £2.49. The apps main features include over 40 screens and a 416,000+ foods database, has helped over 1.4 million members, 108,000 foods entered by MyNetDiary and 308,000 popular foods contributed by our members, Up to 45 nutrients, including carbs, protein, all types of fat, sugars, fiber, sodium, cholesterol, and vitamins, Daily Analysis Tool, Track your water intake, Syncs foods and exercise, Over 500 activities and exercises available at your fingertips, Calculates exercise calories based on MET – your weight, Set your target weight, Keep track of daily steps, blood pressure, hours of sleep and work plus so much more, this app has so much to offer. Well worth the buy

The next app is also for Android devices and is called “Ultimate Point Calculator Plus” (Via Android Market at £2.99). This app is the No1. Weight Watchers points calculator, tracker, database and goal tracker +. It comes with activity calculator, notes, daily points tracker, ability to email your progress, health check tracking, online and offline food databases, barcode scanner and so much more. Extra Boost Mode for accelerated weight loss is another cool feature, love the fact it has BMI Calculator etc.

The third app is “Weight Loss Now with Max Kirsten – Lose Weight and Keep it off” (iTunes £2.99); Max Kirsten has helped so many people including politicians, celebrities and many more. This app is a great weigh loss program for iOS devices, this is a proven weight loss program that features: Introduction video, Getting started session, High quality recordings with binaural beat technology, Booster Session, Main Weight Loss Now session, Weight loss tips fact cards, Craving buster video techniques, E-book and guide and Success Card. No need for crash diets anymore

The fourth and final app for iOS devices (iTunes £1.79) is called “FatNav — Weight Loss Support”, this is a simple but effective app that features: BMI calculator, database of foods and calorie counter, option of setting a target date and a few others that makes this a great little app.

If you know of any weight loss apps that you recommend please do let us know in the commenting area provided below. Let’s try keeping the fat off and staying at our perfect weight, losing it and never finding it again.

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