iPhone 5 Ordered From Pegatron By The Millions

Well as time rolls on it’s fairly obvious that more and more rumours and speculations concerning the next generation iPhone are going to hit the net wave, and a new one has hit today which pegs Apple as having placed a hefty order for the iPhone 5 with Pegatron.

The news of said iPhone 5 order comes from the usual source of most things iOS, DigiTimes, who are reporting that Taiwan based notebook manufacturer Pegatron has landed orders from Apple for an estimated 15 million iPhone 5 units.

Furthermore, according to unnamed sources from “upstream component makers” shipping of the iPhone 5 will begin in September 2011, which basically tallies with previous rumour. However apparently Pegatron has declined to comment on the matter.

Apparently also according to the unnamed sources, the iPhone 5 doesn’t seem to have any “major update from the iPhone 4,” and is already set for a September shipment and are already supplying Pegatron with components to Pegatron factories in Shanghai.

Word is Pegatron is also looking to snag orders for the Apple iPad and Macbook, but existing makers are defending their orders and thus Pegatron hasn’t made any headway in securing orders for those Apple products.

Recently Pegatron lost notebook orders from their major client Asustek Computer, but Pegatron is aggressively working to gain orders from Acer where market watchers estimate Pegatron might be able to gain orders in the region of 6 million notebooks for the second half of the year.

But you are not interested in what Pegatron does with Asus or Acer, as it’s all about that iPhone 5 and its presumed September release, something most recent rumours have pointed to, with the supposed China Mobile iPhone 5 release day recently being reportedly outed by a retail poster pegging said release as the 9th of September, thus with this latest rumour that date could well be spot on.

However, as I continue to say and will do so until such times as the release of the iPhone 5 has been officially confirmed, the only people who really know when the iPhone 5 will finally come out to play is Steve Jobs and gang, and as usual they are not about to let on as that isn’t the Apple way.

So this still remains hovering in the realms of speculation for now, but what do our reader’s reckon, do you think this could be spot on and the iPhone 5 will indeed come out to play in September?

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