Bully Boss via apps, put a stop to bullying

Have you ever heard of the words “Bully Boss”, this is where your boss is downright rude and bullying employees empowers them. Well now it is time to get your own back and beat the frustration via apps. Please be aware we do have a few apps that are games, but the last two are serious apps that can help beat the bullies.

Finding apps on bullying bosses was not that easy, but we have found a few for both iOS and Android devices, we do have a few apps that are for fun to get that frustration and anger out, then we have a couple that are serious and could help you if you are getting bullied at work or anywhere in matter of fact.

The first app we have is called “Boss App” and is free via the App Store (More info via iTunes), this application allows users to recreate their workplace and its office atmosphere. This app in our eyes is plain crazy where it creates a new boss; it will allow you to get yelled at via your iPhone wherever you are. The app features 20 original voice clips and allows users to pick either a random sound, or choose from a list.

The second iOS app is for the iPad named “Horrible Boss HD”, (iTunes 59p) this is a game where your boss is horrible and as usual he has lie to the CEO about your performance, stole your biggest account and turned your friends against you. Well do not stand for it, get your own back by doing as much horrible things to the big bad boss. Simple app for simple minds, only kidding.

Hit Boss is another iOS app that also costs 59p (iTunes), this game is all about you finding trouble at work, have you been fired? Have you had that dreaded pay cut? Let this game give you what you want, give some pain back by hitting the treacherous boss away and clean up your complaint by a hit. See what high score you can get by playing this stress relief app.

The three apps above are for a bit of fun, but please let us move onto the serious apps. Bullying is not clever and to have an app that can help those that face this problem is good in our eyes. Please take the next two Android apps seriously; these really can help those who are getting bullied, being it kids at school to people at a workplace.

The first Android app is called “Bully Block” this one blocks and captures bullies, this app will allow users to record verbal threats and harassment and block inappropriate, pictures and texts (Also known as sexting). This app blocks bullies that use private or unknown numbers, it also has features that can allow the user to text or email abusive behaviour to parents, teachers, HR departments, and law enforcement.

The app above comes with a stealth recorder as well, when a bully is getting near to you all you need to do is push a button and stealth mode will activate that will secretly record the bully. For more information please visit the Android Market.

The next Android app is “Block’em” via Android Market, this app allows you to block unwanted text messages and calls. It is very easy to use and manage, take control of your phone, take control of your life, and banish nuisance callers’ bullies and stalkers.


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