BlackBerry PlayBook Accessories: Ballistic Tough Jacket Case

Go ballistic for new BlackBerry Playbook tablet accessories, and today you can do just that seeing as award-winning designers of mobile accessories ‘Ballistic’ has just announced its new Ballistic Tough Jacket case.

This new case looks fantastic and offers stunning three-layer protection, these layers are made up of inner silicone layer, shock absorbent polymer layer and impact resistant hard plastic to give the Playbook advanced protection if and when the tablet is dropped.

The Ballistic corners of the series case have been reinforced for even more protection, shaking of that shock absorbing treatment. These new cases also feature an optional front cover attachment that can also be used as a kickstand, great for all view pleasure without the need to hold the device.

Everyone knows as soon as your new tablet arrives at your door, the first thing on your mind is to stop it getting dirty and of course protecting it at all levels. This is where the new Ballistic Tough Jacket for the BlackBerry PlayBook comes into play in a class of its own, to have three layers of protection is pure brilliance and obviously gives customers peace of mind in doing its job well.

Main BlackBerry PlayBook Ballistic Tough Jacket Case Features Include: Advanced three layer protection, Layer 1 gives Inner silicone layer absorbs shock, Layer 2 provides impact resistant hard plastic protects the BlackBerry PlayBook and layer 3 offers Shock Absorbent polymer layer, Thicker Ballistic Corners for drop protection, Lay-on-table feature that stops the screen touching the surface when placed on say a table when flat, and also features a Removable cover that can also be used on the back as a kickstand.

These cases come in two colour variants such as Black/Black and Black/Red, these cases are priced at only $69.99 and can be purchased direct via Ballistics’ website.

For more information please read the full press release here, if you have read enough then just click Ballistics’ website link above to buy one now.

If you already own one of these cases for your BlackBerry Playbook tablet, please do send us your personal reviews in the commenting area below.

We would suggest if you are thinking about purchasing one of these cases you do it quick, the reason we say this is because if you look over on Ballistic’ website the iPad 2 version of the Tough Case is out of stock. Looks like these sell very fast indeed. The BlackBerry PlayBook is a very popular tablet just like the iPad so it stands to reason that the cases for the PlayBook will soon be out of stock as well.

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