New BlackBerry App Store Created For Africa

Perhaps Research In Motion’s BlackBerry App World isn’t enough for BlackBerry smartphone users in certain parts of the world, as it appears certain countries require their own specific BlackBerry applications store as apparently Africa does because Etisalat and EMS have combined in a joint venture to launch a new BlackBerry app store for Africa.

According to Ameinfo, the new BlackBerry app store will initially launch in Tanzania where Etisalat go under the name of Zantel and is apparently a first move for Sub Saharan Africa.

The Group chief marketing officer for Etisalat, Mr. Essa Al Haddad has said, “Zantel was well known in the Tanzanian for providing innovative products and services. Innovation is of prime importance when we select and develop strategic partnerships.”

The Zantel BlackBerry app store will enable customers to access a vast range of BlackBerry content which will include such things as news, weather, social networking, instant messaging, games, entertainment, along with working tools like calendar and word.

Al Haddad went on to say; “We will be encouraging young Tanzanian developers to design mobile applications that are exciting and engaging for our African customers. By sharing with them the latest in software development tools will can help grow local talent and provide new commercial opportunities for them.”

EMS CEO Babar Khan, reinforced the partnership’s potential to innovate and grow the Sub Saharan African market whilst at the same time delivering customers a much greater choice of personal customisation on their BlackBerry smartphone.

Khan commented, “This will be a rich content experience for BlackBerry users. The portal will enable them browse for the apps and ringtones of their choice and download Tanzania-specific content such as the latest relevant news from trusted African publishers.”

My Norman Moyo, the chief commercial officer of Zantel stated, “The Tanzanian and wider African market had a growing demand for BlackBerry applications. It’s never been easier to develop applications for BlackBerry smartphones, and we look forward to seeing the rich catalogue of personal and business apps continue to grow.”

Unfortunately the article doesn’t make any mention as to just when African BlackBerry users will be able to access the new African specific BlackBerry app store as no launch date was given.

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