How to toast in other languages via impressive iOS app

If you are considering getting married, having a party or need to impress a foreign client, and making a toast is not your strong subject especially if you want to make a toast in another language, then we have the ‘How to toast in other languages via impressive iOS app’ called “Toasts Master”.

Toasts Masters is a very good application, and contains the best selection of superb toasts; it has over 400 toasts all is all. The app had an update this year that added 35 new toasts giving it a total of 440 best toasts, plus its update had 51 new Quotes taking the number up to over 200 famous quotes, it also features 101 great proverbs as well.

This app is fantastic if you need to make toasts at such venues like a wedding, an office party, or even dinner with friends. As said above there are 440 toasts within 24 categories to help cover all occasions, the categories include: Birthdays, Divorce, Friendship, Retirement, Weddings and International short toasts in 20 different languages.

Main features Include: Over 200 famous Quotations in 3 categories, famous toasts such as Walter Winchell’s “Love & Friendship — “A real friend is one who walks in, when the rest of the world walks out.” or what about Life & Death — “Never let yesterday use up too much of today.” — Will Rogers.

Other Features: 101 memorable Proverbs, 20 foreign language toasts, if you are visiting another country and need to make a toast, this app is just for you. This app is good because you could pick a toast from the menu and modify it. Use a quotation or proverb to launch your own toast or to start a speech, add your own toasts or quotes and much more.

This app is always being updated so will never run out of toasts, this app can be downloaded direct from the App Store, more information via iTunes. If you do decide to install you will need iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

Here is an app for Android users; surely you did not think we would leave you out. We have found a simple app called “Toaster’s Handbook” just for you Android lovers. If you are worrying about making a toast you need not worry anymore, this app offers The Importance of a Sense of Humour, Jokes, Timing, Puns, Sample Toasts and much more. For more information and option to install please visit the Android Market.

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