HTML5 / Android Jobs: Trends point to increase

It is safe to say that HTML 5 and Android when it comes to the fastest moving online jobs with the Freelancer Fast 50, this is very interesting indeed and so much so that Android jobs are doing very well and on pace to eclipse iPhone work by end of 2012.

Despite the growth of Apple iPhone jobs and up 9% from 2739 to 2985, Android is up a massive 20% going from 1419 to 1702 jobs, this puts Android in the top five absolute movers in the Freelancer Fast 50 (Freelancer.com). This could mean that by 2012 Android will outpace iPhone jobs, mobile phones category is in a very strong position with the category up by 12%.

It is HTML5 work that has hit the number one slot in job hiring trends, so much so it has risen from 604 projects in Q1 to 807 in Q2, this gives this category a massive 34% increase, it seems that there is a downfall in Flash with more HTML5 projects on the rise. Flash work has dropped a huge 10% to 3095 jobs this quarter, guess we should start saying hello to Google Swiffy and what effects it will have on Flash.

There seems to be more work for HTML5 and Android developers, the general HTML jobs have only gone up by 7%. BlackBerry is down by 6 percent, Windows Mobile is down a massive 16 percent, Windows CE down 42%, now seeing that job trends has drop 6% for BlackBerry falling from 526 to 497 jobs can they pick things up with new smartphone releases such as the Bold 9900 Touch? This will release in August and until then we have to wonder if RIM is on a downslide and a continuing one at that.

There are many categories in the Freelancer Fast 50 (Fastest Movers) list. The category ‘mobile phones’ for Q1 2011 to Q2 2011 is up 12% from 2560 to 2877.

To break this down in simple term, online jobs hiring trends is on the up for iPhone, Android, Mobile phones in general and HTML5 being the strongest at the top of the list. BlackBerry really needs to pull something out of the bag if they wish to climb the Freelancer Fast 50 (Fastest Movers) list.

The Freelancer Fast 50 charts the top 50 fastest moving job categories in the online labor market and is the leading indicator of the global online economy. Q1 2011 to Q2 2011, 109,733 jobs were accounted for in the survey giving a little insight into small business and developer interest.

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