Apple iPad 3 Additional Manufacturer Sought

Let’s face it anything and everything remotely to do with Apple and their iOS gear is instant attractive news on the net waves, and the latest piece of news or rumour whatever you wish to label it is that Apple is actively looking to bring a second manufacturer aboard for producing the Apple iPad 3.

According to MacRumors, the guys over at DigiTimes that Apple has plans to bring in a second partner to manufacture the Apple iPad 3 in addition to Apple gear makers Foxconn, Quanta and Pegatron all possible contenders for Apple iPad orders.

As you are probably aware, Pegatron and Quanta are already Apple partners for producing Apple gear, Quanta is a long term partner producing Macs while Pegatron produces the CDMA version of the iPhone 4.

Apparently the reason Apple is seeking an additional manufacturer for the next generation Apple iPad is down to the explosion at the Foxconn factory on the 20th of May where fifteen people where injured and three died.

So apparently the word is the incident has forced Apple to look for another contractor so they can minimalism risk to iPad production.

The upgraded Apple iPad has also been rumoured to be called the Apple iPad 2 Plus rather than the Apple iPad 3, but as with all things Apple it is only speculation at this point.

A while ago it was reported that Pegatron have landed orders to produce the next iPhone, the iPhone 5 and according to a source now stands a better change at gaining orders to product the Apple iPad 3.

Naturally the article hasn’t stated just which company will be a new Apple partner for producing their iOS slate, as nothing has been confirmed on this rumour as usual and thus remains in the speculation arena until such times as Apple make an official announcement.

Apparently the unnamed source says that the new iPad units will launch at the end of the third quarter or early in the fourth quarter, but again unconfirmed.

However, as Foxconn may have difficulty delivering the quantities of iPad 3 units Apple is obviously looking for it seems good sense for Apple to source manufacture elsewhere as well don’t you think? Either way, I’m fairly sure Apple won’t let iPad 3 production suffer enough to delay the release or effect revenue. Any guesses as to whom Apple may choose as the additional iPad 3 manufacturer?

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