Google Plus for Android Receives Update

Even though Google Plus is still in its infancy it seems that people are jumping onboard in their hoards as Google Plus catches on with the masses, and as there is a Google Plus app for Android, sorry iOS you haven’t got yours yet never mind, the Google guys have now seen fit to update the Google Plus Android app.

According to an article over on Redmond Pie, the Google guys have now updated the Google Plus app for Android which brings a couple of new features along with a bunch of bug fixes.

According to Robin Norvell over on the Google Plus page, “We’re love to improve the mobile apps based on your feedback, so please keep it coming!”

Norvell goes on to reveal what the Google Plus update delivers, a new user interface that enables the adding of entire circles or multiple people to an existing “Huddle” group, the ability to customise your stream to show stream from individual circles (Stream>Menue>Manage Views), and the user can now set photo as wallpaper (when viewing photo).

As for those bug fixes that come with Google Plus for Android version 1.0.2, if you are invited to a huddle by someone you have never huddles with before, you can now dismiss the invitation, some issues fix to do with the Swype keyboard, and bugs fixes and performance improvements throughout the application.

Have to say the Google guys pushed out that update quite quick so seem to be on the ball when it comes to Google Plus and well improvements and two new features isn’t a bad start and no doubt there will be more updates to come in due course.

Being one of the Android faithful I do have the Google Plus app on my Samsung Galaxy S, however I have to confess that a most of my time is sat at the PC I haven’t really had chance to check out the app as more often than not I use Google Plus via the computer.

However, I do have to say here that although I am one of the Android faithful I am not as “into” Google Plus as much as some I could mention, my colleague Mark for one, who seems to have become the Google+Man and has even made a song about his love for Google+, which if you are of sound mind and body you can check out his wailing by going (here) but you have been warned, and feel free to voice your opinions of Mark’s singing in our comments area below, but please be gentle.

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