iPhone 5 Release Date Now Back to September Says Tech Expert

Don’t you just love it how the whole mobile space hang on every little piece of info when it comes to Apple gear and especially the expected released date for the next generation iPhone, which has had more rumoured release dates than I can keep track of.

The general consensus though has been that Apple will deliver the iPhone 5 in September, now we’ve all heard the rumours of an August release, October release, November release and even a 1012 release for the much sought after iOS smartphone.

However, according to an article over on T3, a tech expert has now put the iPhone 5 release date on an even keep and has said “there will be some sort of announcement from Apple in September.”

The above was said by the UK manager of Griffin Technology, Tony Johnson, although he insisted to T3 that his firm “has not been made privy to the mooted handset’s specifications.”

According to Johnson, “We have a longstanding relationship with Apple but we are not treated special in any way. All we can do is work on the history of Apple releases which is what all the companies do,” and goes on to say, “These rumours don’t really affect what we are doing in terms of product development. It just means that this increased online chatter creates an added nervousness ahead of the official announcement.”

Apparently a new report has it that Apple has delayed the iPhone 5, which will include the A5 dual core processor, which has apparently caused the handset to overheat.

So basically the expert doesn’t have a clue when the iPhone 5 will come out to play and has basically just restated that there’s a possibility that Apple will make an announcement in September, just what that announcement might be remains a mystery.

I continue to say, only Apple knows when the iPhone 5 will surface and Apple will only let people know when they are good and ready, and until that time, everything else, even if it is from an analyst or expert, the release date for the iPhone 5 will remain unknown.

So, who’s betting the iPhone 5 will come in August, or September, or October, or next year? Which is your favoured month that you would stake a wager on as being the real release date? Of course if you are not one of the iOS faithful you probably couldn’t give a fig either way.


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