Songify Android App Alternative, iPhone Download Ready: Update

Songify has been released to iPhone users, which is great news because this app is amazing but we are getting many emails asking, “When will the Songify android app be released?”

No one is sure when the android version of Songify will release, maybe it will never release on this platform, but do not despair we have found some sort of alternative for android users.

First up let me give you a little information about Songify (Available via iTunes / App Store — free), Songify basically allows users to record anything such a news clip, a poem you wrote, a headline, or even your own words, once the recording has been done the application will create an auto-tuned song with your words.

Your words will be turned into a song, you can choose different beats from Gregory Brothers’ hits, including “Bed Intruder,” “Winning” and “Double Rainbow,” once you have finished your creation you can then share your self-made song with Facebook, Twitter or even by email.

Love the fact that you can just talk into your iPhone and Songify will turn your speech into a song, just amazing it what we say. New features added to this app include: Turns speech into music, Share songs on Facebook, Twitter, Email, Hear your song with different styles, including hits like ‘Double Rainbow’ and Listen to and rate other songs on Winning.

Now like we said above, Songify for android has not yet been released (We will obviously keep you posted) but the nearest alternative we could find on the Android Market is “MicDroid”.

MicDroid is similar to Songify where it will turn your voice into music; it will reproduce the effects you hear in music. This app allows you to sing in tune, other main features include: plenty of options for pitch correction, Automatic pitch-correction, On-the-fly pitch correction, Set recordings as ringtone, Disable/enable ads in settings, Email recordings.

MicDroid is still in beta so if you come across any problems please do share them with us.

If you are an android user, please let us know if you are waiting for this app. If you are an iPhone user please let us know what you think of the application. All reviews and comments are most welcome. Thanks

Update 1: Here is a tester song – LISTEN TO SONG

Update 2: I done another song so that you can get an idea of how good it is, LISTEN HERE, all comments most welcome.


110 thoughts on “Songify Android App Alternative, iPhone Download Ready: Update”

  1. Marc Pageau says:

    I really hope they decide to release if you android, MicDroid is decent but I enjoy Songify a lot more.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am totally waiting of this app to hit Android. I’ve got a great song that my nephew and one of my brother’s friends created based off of Star Trek II created in songify… I NEED this app gosh darn it!

  3. Anonymous says:

    HTC EVO 4G needs this App!! If you heard my Voice you’d understand why!! Please get A.S.A.P, the MicDroid is okay, but nothing like Songify!! DoodyMan

  4. Anonymous says:

    HTC EVO 4G needs this App!! If you heard my Voice you’d understand why!! Please get A.S.A.P, the MicDroid is okay, but nothing like Songify!! DoodyMan

  5. Bogart2482 says:

    this has to come over to android…awesome app…..just becareful using at work! lol

  6. Spd13990 says:

    It sounds awesome coming from my iPhone through my speakers in stereo!.. I LOVE IT!!!….

  7. Andrewbrin says:

    “If you’re waiting for this app on Android…” Who isn’t?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!? Hell yeah I’m waiting for it! 

    1. Lopsins5 says:

      Why would a person put somthing on one thing only and not on other things it may take YEARS for. Them to put it on android wat the heck

  8. Rugged5000 says:

    To Whom it May Concern,

    It would be nice if the Songify was available for Android users…. Is it possible and if/when will that be??? Thanks a million…


  9. Karen S Turner says:

    Yes, most certainly waiting for it to be available to android users such as myself!!!

  10. Skatestar06 says:

    I am waiting for Songify to get on Android Market! My buddy has an iPhone and its fun to use this app, but i wish i could get it.

  11. My LODE! says:

    I would find it highly convenient of this app became available for Android users. Thank you

  12. Jennifersmithabc1967699823 says:

    I am waiting for Songify for Android! I am so jealous we do not have it yet!

  13. ted says:

    Why no Android? its a larger share of the phone market then apple ever will be! Bring it to Android!

  14. Svv ghhyt says:

    I want this app for Android now! I’d definitely pay for this app

  15. Dmdiddle says:

    I messed around with this for hours on my friends phone and now I want it but I have an android so I’ve been checking almost every day for it

  16. dsfdsaf says:

    can anyone upload the apk in mediafire so samsung galxy mini users can download it plz