Gold and Silver Prices via apps, soaring money maker

Gold and silver prices are soaring, so much so that the August delivery for gold was $12.30 higher at $1,602.40 an ounce, the bullion reached as high as $1,607.90 and as low as $1,591.40, leaving the gold spot price at $9.90, silver gained $1.18 to $40.25 an ounce. To stay updated please take a look at these iOS apps below.

We have a few apps that will keep you updated on gold and silver prices, it seems gold and silver is a money maker and we hope these apps are just what you need.

The first app is called “Investing in Gold and Silver” (App Store / iTunes), this application is great if you plan on protecting your purchasing power by moving to the silver and gold markets. This app offers real-time access to all the breaking news for gold and silver, when to stay in and even when to get out.

Main Features Include: Real-Time Delivery, Expert Advice From The Market’s Leading Authorities, Daily Updates To Keep You Aware Of Current Events, Full-length movies and podcasts, Information delivered in a variety of formats, Easy navigation features, and much more.

The second app is very good indeed and is called “Currency & Gold Live Charts” (iTunes), obviously as the title suggests this app gives users live charts for both gold and silver in all major currencies.

Main Features Include: Works with EDGE/3G/Wifi, Check live currency rates, Check live silver price charts in ounce, gram and kilo, as well as checking live gold price charts in ounce, gram and kilo. Gives all types of currency conversions, and much more.

The next app via iTunes / App Store is “Gold Price Live”, this brilliant and free app provided real-time historical silver and gold price charts in your national currency, find the best deals on gold and silver coins and bars, call the dealers from your iPhone and major US gold dealers compared.

The app also gives daily gold commentary from goldprice.org, end of day quotes for the US Dollar, Dow Jones, S&P 500, Platinum Price, Palladium Price, Silver Gold Ratio, Gold Silver Ratio, Dow in Gold Ounces and Dow in Silver Ounces. Other features include: Live Silver and Gold Price charts in 26 national currencies, updates every minute, history charts and much more.

eGold Prices is the next iPhone application, this one offers gold and silver market value tracker. You can get the latest rates for gold and silver, get live updates of values. Other features include: Quick and easy to use, View value by weight, Constantly updated values, and Visual value tracker graph.

We hope one of the apps mentioned above suits your needs, if you know of any other gold and silver app that you feel is better than the ones mentioned here please do let us know. Thanks

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