Real iPhone 5 (4GS / 4S) Leaked Pictures, Apparently Unofficially Real

Midnight Quickie: There are some leaked pictures of the new iPhone 5 (4GS / 4S) and are apparently unofficially real, are these really the real thing. Sorry for all the different names above, but no one knows what the next-generation iPhone is called.

Come on we all love rumours and surely this has to be the best yet, this has grabbed our attention and surely is grabbing yours right about now.

We would still love to know what the real name is; will it be the iPhone 5, the iPhone 4GS or simply the iPhone 4S? The pictures shown below are via Apple.pro and normally are very decent sources when it comes to Apple leaks, this time they found the images via Weibo.

The pictures shown here are of the new iPhone test unit that is running on iOS 4.0, now this is weird in itself. Apparently it has a 5-megapixel camera so nothing new here from the iPhone 4 and judging by the images the iTunes profile is definitely different.

We always take images like this with a pinch of salt, do not get too excited as it may just be fake, the source claims it is real. Time will tell, all we know is, if these pictures are of the real iPhone 5 or whatever it is called we are very disappointed, looks like the iPhone 4 is every shape and form.

Expectations of the next-generation iPhone really needs to blow us away and these pictures do not, Apple please under no circumstance release a new iPhone if it looks like this one, of you do then Android will be favoured by a lot of your customers.


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