iPhone 5 US and UK month apart release date problems

The Apple iPhone 5 is going to have different release dates around the world, there will be a month’s difference between the US release and the rest of the world. That means customers in the United States will get the iPhone 5 one month before us in the UK, what do you think about that?

The iPhone 5 US release date is going to be September 5 and October 5 everywhere else, this information has come via iPhone Italia (Google Translation) and their reliable source claims that Switzerland’s carrier Swisscom will offer the new iPhone on the above dates.

Swisscom already supply the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4, Apple has also agreed distribution agreements in Switzerland with carriers Sunrise and Orange.

Obviously we have to wait for official confirmation via Apple announcements, but a one-month release date difference is going to cause problems, especially for those outside the US. What is strange about the above news is that even Verizon do not know the release dates, so what are the odds that a senior executive for Swisscom knows the release date before them, slim is all we can say.

Phones Review Says: OK the iPhone is an Apple product and they are an American company so to see a release in the US one month before say us in the UK is understandable, but this will cause problems for many customers in the UK. Why should they get the iPhone before us is what UK customers will be thinking, to see the iPhone 5 in the US will be a right tease for those in the UK and jealousy is definitely going to kick in.

Some might even consider leaving the love of the iPhone and move over to Android just out of principle, the iPhone in the UK is more popular than any other phone on the market and customers are loyal to Apple, and Apple should stay loyal to UK customers and of course other customers in other countries.

Are they releasing the iPhone in the US first because Apple cannot produce enough? Why can’t Apple release more in the US and release a lower number in the UK so at least both countries get to see the iPhone 5 at the same time?

Personally we cannot see the month apart release date difference is true, we will of course keep you updated on the iPhone 5-release date. To stay updated please join me Mark Chubb on Facebook, Twitter or my Google+ Profile.

Source = 9to5Mac – Image via Concept Design By Guilherme Schasiepen

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