Windows Phone HoloPhone3D App Delivers Interactive 3D Experience: Video

Thus far, and video footage we have posted on a glasses free 3D experience haven’t really showed what that 3D experience really looks like. Glasses free 3D seems to be the big deal in the mobile space and several smartphone now offer the experience such as the HTC EVO 3D and LG Optimus 3D, and there was even a rumour that the iPhone 5 might support twin cameras for 3D.

We’ve already seen 3D experience on the iPhone 4 by way of an iOS app but that didn’t really show off 3D very well, but what we have for your viewing consideration below is a video showing off a new app for the Windows Phone 7 platform that shows off glasses free 3D very well and is actually interactive.

The Windows Phone app is called HoloPhone3D and the introduction video of the HoloPhone3D app for Windows Phone 7 comes our way courtesy of the guys over at WMPoweruser and by way of YouTube user 77saberx.

The video demo of the HoloPhone3D interactive app lasts just on a minute and a half and after watching the footage I have to say the app seems to deliver a pretty impressive visual of the glasses free 3D experience that should keep many a Windows Phone user happy until such times as we see a glasses free 3D enabled smartphone hit the platform.

The HoloPhone3D app for Windows Phone devices features nine interactive hologram experiences with 3D graphics rendered at 30fps, along with realistic physics environments, with all 3D models sculptured and hand painted, and includes neat marble and dice mini puzzle games.

The blurb on the video page says, “Experience the magic of real interactive 3D holograms on your phone! Forget glasses, special screens and 2D gimmicks — HoloPhone 3D delivers real 3D hologram fun for all ages. It’s like having a HoloDeck in your pocket.”

The HoloPhone3D app for Windows Phone devices is available to purchase right now from the Marketplace at a cost of just $0.99 and there is also a free trial. So all you need do now is head on down, hit that play button and check out the HoloPhone3D app for Windows Phone in action, and feel free to let us know your opinions on the footage…enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Windows Phone HoloPhone3D App Delivers Interactive 3D Experience: Video”

  1. Douglas Bowker says:

    Well… it’s interesting, but pretty funny people are being fooled it’s anything “holographic.” Guys, it’s just a few simple 3D models stuck inside a rendered box with a grid the size of the screen! Sure, it’s a fun illusion, and it uses the accelerometer to change the view. But if two people were to be seeing it from different angles, the illusion would fall apart big-time.

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