Apple LG new 55-inch OLED TV 2012, iPhone & iPad Integration

Apple and LG is planning on a new 55-inch OLED TV, with a hopeful 2012 release, this new TV will allow users to stream music, videos and TV shows via iTunes. This is all good but it does need some sort of iPhone and iPad integration, which will be even better for users.

Will Apple really release a television in 2012? Well, after visit Smarthouse there is speculation that Apple has had discussions with LG Display, and it is LG Display that supplies display screens for MAC products, so it is possible that LG could make the 55-inch LG OLED panel for Apple, and for this new television to stream content via an IP network is great.

No one knows what the new Apple TV would look like, but would this mean the little black Apple TV would become less of an attraction if one were built into the TV?

If the TV does release next year this surely means cable subscriptions would get cancelled, as customers would use the iTunes service. Apple will bring into the mix a whole new service if the TV releases and iTunes would have many more features.

9to5Mac (Image via this source also) mentions that Apple and LG have a very strong relationship, a secured $500 million dollar investment in LG displays in 2009 with making the retina displays for the iPhone and iPad, the relationship is surely going to get a lot stronger. As we know Apple is planning on buying Hulu, which is the US-only online TV service, this could be certain integration in the making.

Personally what we would like to see is a whole new integration with the new 55-inch OLED TV and iTunes, as well as integration with the iPhone and the iPad, docking station built in, we know that you will be able to mirror apps from your device to any TV when iOS 5 releases to the public but surely Apple needs something else up its sleeve to make iPhone and iPad owners to say it has the wow factor.

If Apple and LG makes this 55-inch OLED TV all possible in 2012, what features would you like the television to have, what sort of iPhone and iPad integration would you like to see, and the most important question has to be “How much would you be willing to pay for an Apple television?”

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