iPhone 4 Accessories: BookBook Wallet Case Looking Hot

If you are looking for Apple iPhone 4 accessories that come under the looking hot factor, then maybe the BookBook Wallet Case by Twelve South is what you are looking for.

The BookBook for iPhone is a stunning looking wallet case that holds your iPhone 4 as well as other things that you would normally keep in your wallet, the design is stunning with its vintage book looks, it actually looks like an old fashion antique book and that is why we love it so much, absolutely stunning is what we say.

This leather wallet case is beautiful and is for men and women, keep cards etc in it, which makes more room for you in your pocket or handbag. It will hold you iPhone 4 as well as money, credit / debit cards, receipts, driver’s license and much more.

The all-in-one wallet and case is handmade with genuine leather and will protect your iPhone 4 with style it comes with wallet pockets for ID, cards and cash.

This iPhone case costs only $59.99, which in our eyes is very cheap because you are getting top quality and an awesome design, if you add the price of an iPhone 4 case and a wallet you would probably pay more and still not get the looks.

You will round about now thinking you should buy one, this way you can chuck you wallet and other case away and just have this all-in-one case, what do you say?

This case does not have any frames that can get in your way, all the ports and buttons are easily accessible and the suede interior will really give your iPhone that deserved comfort, come on you have to admit many of us spend low money on a case for the iPhone that costs a lot, give the smartphone some love.

The BookBook case comes with a window for thumb slide action for easy removal of your ID when needed. Below we have added a video of the BookBook iPhone 4-wallet case to give you an idea on size and looks. If you would like to buy the BookBook iPhone 4 Case please visit Twelve South

We have added a few pictures to give you an idea of the design, we will be personally asking Twelve South to send us one, once we get one we will give it our hands-on review.

Calling out to BookBook for iPhone owners: If you already own one of these hot iPhone 4 cases, please do come forward and let us know what you think about it, we would most welcome your reviews and opinions.


3 thoughts on “iPhone 4 Accessories: BookBook Wallet Case Looking Hot”

  1. Uglymushal says:

    Got one, expensive, but love it, got character, smells lovely & leathery, gets better as gets older. Never thought I would pay this much for a phone cover, but love it. 10/10

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