Sprint Goes 4G LTE With LightSquared

Well you know that Sprint would eventually go with 4G LTE at some point didn’t you? Sprint’s current 4G capable network is of course WiMAX, but almost everyone in the mobile space knows that 4G LTE is the way to go for future faster networks, and it appears Sprint has finally made that leap.

According to an article over on Engadget, Sprint has officially announced a deal with LightSquared for their 4G LTE coverage, and the deal covers a 15-year period with Sprint gaining a cool $9 billon in cash, while apparently saving LightSquared in the region of $13 billion.
According to the deal, LightSquared gains access to Sprints 4G network and likewise Sprint can “piggyback” on LightSquared’s existing network whenever they wish, and LightSquared will also be able to use Sprint’s 3G network as well.

The president of network operations for Sprint, Steve Elfman says, “This spectrum hosting agreement with LightSquared allows Sprint to more efficiently use its Network Vision platform. In addition to improving our cash flow, it provides additional options and flexibility in how we meet our customers’ future capacity needs.”

While the chairman and CEO of LightSquared, Sanjiv Ahuja comments, “This agreement gives LightSquared a rapid and cost-effective radio access network build. With our next generation satellite already operational and our independent core network build underway, LightSquared is now well positioned to meet the fast-growing market demand for wireless broadband services with its wholesale-only integrated 4G-LTE and satellite network.”

Apparently the terms of the deal gives Sprint the option to purchase up to 50% of LightSquared’s L-Band 4G capacity, and is expected to lower operating expenses and network capital; for LightSquared over the next 8-years.

Having said that, apparently LightSquared still requires resolution and the Federal Communication Commission’s approval of “certain interference issues involving terrestrial use of the L-Band spectrum.”

The guys say that this is good news for both Sprint and LightSquared, but obviously the main loser will be Clearwire and WiMAX, for the full PR on the agreement you can hit up Engadget’s website.

So there you have it, it looks like Sprint will be joining the 4G LTE game at some point in the future, does this news make Sprint customers rejoice, or doesn’t it make that much difference to you? Feel free to voice your opinion to our comments area below.

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