iPhone 5 Release Not Sept But Oct Claims Source

Ah the wonderful world of Apple gear release date speculation, a subject that changes quicker than any quick-change artist in the entertain business can manage. Earlier today we posted that word was the next generation iPhone was going to be release in the last two weeks of September which was suggested by AT&T issuing an employee vacation blackout for that period, something that which seems quite feasible.

However it appears that not everyone is of the same mind when it comes to the iPhone 5 and the much debated release time, as according to an article over on AllThingsD, said rumours about the next iOS smartphone coming in September are wrong.

According to their article, unnamed sources with “knowledge of the situation,” say that those claiming that AT&T blacking our employee vacations for the last two weeks of September due to the release of the iPhone 5 are misinformed.

Apparently a source of the unnamed variety and familiar with Apple’s plans says, “I don’t know why AT&T’s calling for all hands on deck those weeks, but it’s not for an iPhone launch.”

When pressed for a date for the release of the much-expected iPhone 5 apparently the source answered “October,” but declined to come forth with a hard date. While apparently other sources again of the unnamed variety say to expect the release “later rather in the month rather than sooner.”

Apparently said source didn’t offer any clues as to the design of the iPhone 5, but popular rumour has it that the next generation iPhone will come with an 8 megapixel camera, a CDMA/GSM Qualcomm dual mode baseband and the faster A5 processor.

Having said that there has been a great deal of speculation on what the new iPhone will look like and what it will feature, but as with all these release date rumours nothing has been confirmed.

I have to say that as these release date rumours come thick and fast and seem to contradict each other it is somewhat difficult to know just when Apple will allow their latest iOS device to come out and play, but then isn’t that always the case when it comes to Apple?

So for now anyway, the iPhone 5 could possibly, maybe release in September, or could possibly maybe release in late October, but in reality the only people that know for sure is Apple and their are not about to put all the iOS faithful out of their speculation misery until they are good and ready to do so.

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