Apple iPad Pro Release, Aimed at Professionals Market

The iPad 2 will have a new brother beside it soon, and the new tablet will be called the Apple iPad Pro. This will be sold alongside the iPad 2 but for the professional market.

Apple has just started its production on a brand new tablet PC called the “Apple iPad Pro”, this will be for the higher-end market, this will suit professionals and will have many new features and incremental improvements.

It would fit perfectly in publishers’ lives quite easy, the Apple iPad Pro is a premium version of the iPad 2 and will feature front and rear facing HD cameras, and a higher resolution screen. Obviously there will be many more features and of course we will let you know them all as soon as we get confirmation.

CNET reports that in a research note, Ashok Kumar, an analyst at Rodman & Renshaw confirms the new iPad Tablet PC.

The new Apple iPad aka Pro will be aimed at the publishing field or somewhat similar market, hopefully the new tablet will be able to upgrade to 4G within time, if this happens then it will definitely do very well indeed.

The price on the new Apple iPad Pro will certainly make your heart flutter, you can bet your bottom dollar that the price will be severely higher than the current iPad 2, if this new tablet by Apple is aimed at the professional it will most certainly have a professional price tag, so get ready for the ouch when official announced.

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Please do start the discussion of in the commenting area below, would love to know what you think of the new upcoming Apple iPad Pro, what features can you expect on this new iOS device?

The Apple iPad Pro is NOT the iPad 3 as far as we know, we had a feeling Apple would be bring out two new iPads, one being the pro and the other being the 3.

Personally a silly idea, one new Apple iPad a year is suffice, if they release two versions then each as to have its unique feature stamp on it, will each one differ that much? Please let us know if you would purchase the new iPad Pro, and we would love for you to hazard a guess at the price.

Will it be $300 to $400 / S400 to $500 / $500 to $600 or more, please comment below what you think the price will be. Thanks


5 thoughts on “Apple iPad Pro Release, Aimed at Professionals Market”

  1. Ernest says:

    Half again as much as what the iPad3 (or current iPad2) goes for. Latest CPU, faster GPU with like 1GB Ram, ?Larger Screen size, 1280x? or more res, Bluetooth 3.0 +HS… 

    Would like to see SD expansion slots, and interface for external monitor for current Macs.

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