iOS iWork Apps in Beta, iCloud for Pages, Keynote and Numbers

Apple Pages, Keynote and Numbers is now getting the iCloud loving it deserves thanks to Apple releasing the iCloud-enabled iWork apps, these are now available in beta.

If you visit the iOS Developer Portal these new releases are now available for download, and they all include Apple’s new iCloud syncing features, so will you be giving them a go?

iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch owners can download and install and then test drive these apps, back when Apple iCloud was announced at WWDC everyone was intrigued with this new feature just as much as the announcement of iOS 5.

Both iCloud and iOS 5 will allow users to join Mac OS X Lion, which will give users the chance to syncing documents, in a nutshell this means users will no longer have to do the Dropbox shuffle when getting documents to and from iOS devices according to iDB.

If you are a developer you will need to download the apps manually via the Developer Portal, once this has been done you can then drag them into iTunes 10.5 beta 4, then you are on your way to sync them across to an iOS 5-equipped iOS device such as the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

TiPB has reported that the installation has been successful or some and not so successful for others, apparently apps syncing and then they were disappearing.

If you are a developer please come forward and let PhonesReview readers know if you installed the new iWork betas, were they successful for you?

One commenter over on TiPB commented; “In order to get the apps to sync you have to install the team provisioning profile on your device through Xcode.” Please let us know if by doing this it works for you, if you are a developer please do share any information you have. A big thanks in advanced.

If you have any information on the above please do use the commenting area below, we must remember when things are in beta stages there will always be some sort of problem, once publicly released things will have been ironed out and running smoothly.

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