Egencia App For iPhone: The Business Travellers Helper

For those that own an iPhone and often travel due to their business, you might like to know that the corporate arm of Expedia Inc, Egencia, has now released the Egencia app for the iPhone that has been specifically designed with the business traveller in mind.

The Egencia iOS app is equipped with several user-friendly features such as flight and destination alerts, flight schedules, Smart Itinerary, online check-in and click-to-call and demonstrated Egencia’s focus on delivering the ‘best-in-calls’ experience for iPhone users.

The Smart Itinerary feature means the iOS app knows what point the traveller is at during their journey and delivers relevant info to the user with flight info displayed as the traveller in on their way to the airport and by the time they land, hotel info is available.

With the flight and destination alerts feature the user receives information concerning flight delays and cancellations that may affect their trip, while the destination alerts deliver information on such things as security problems, weather, and natural disasters.

The online check-in feature of the Egencia app for iPhone is available for all major airlines and thus making check-in just a single click away. The flight schedules feature enables the user to quickly determine if and when another flight is available if they happen to miss their original flight.

The Click-to-call feature in the iOS application enables the user to call or email Egencia customer service with one click if the need arises, and the application has been built for Egencia clients.

Egencia Mobile is currently available in the following countries: UK, US, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Canada, Australia, and India. Languages supported include English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Canadian French, and Dutch. Thanks to Egencia’s proprietary technology, all travellers can experience the same benefits and functionality regardless of location.

The Egencia app for the iPhone can be downloaded to your smartphone as a free download from iTunes, and just so you can check out whether you have need of the app we have a promo video of the Egencia app for iPhone for your viewing pleasure below, so feel free to check that out before you decide to download to make sure that app is the one for you…enjoy.

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