iPhone 4 Accessories That Stand Out: id America Cushi Pad Skins

If you own the Apple iPhone 4 it is always best to give it that added protection, well we have come across some new iPhone 4 accessories by id America. They are now selling the new Cushi pads, which look awesome.

The new id America Cushi pads are adhesive EVA foam that sticks direct to your Apple iPhone 4 smartphone on the front, back and even on the home button, they look awesome and we will be getting some soon.

These new Cushi pads really do stand out and will transform your smartphone into something really special, when your purchase you will get the sticker pad skins and a screen protector. These pads will not only protect your iPhone it will also give the ultimate grip when holding.

These id America iPhone 4 Cushi pads will protect the handset whilst laying down on hard surfaces as well as absorbing shock, there are 4 types of pads available with each category giving many different designs.

First up is the Cushi Original, this series features (Suburb, New York, Rainbow and cloud), next up is the Cushi Strip series and these include the (Beach Red, Multiplex, Candy Blue and Jazz Purple).

You can choose the Cushi Robotics series, which includes (Type B, Type C and Type R), and last but not least is the Cushi Dot foam pad series that includes (Sunkist White, Disco Black, Baby Gray and Aqua Blue).

All Apple iPhone 4 iD America Cushi foam pad skins are $11.99, we really love the designs and we will be emailing iD America to send us a few so that we can give them our hands-on review.

Please do let us know what you think of them, click on the relevant links of the series your prefer — Cushi Stripe / Cushi Robotics / Cushi Dot / Cushi Original, which ones take your fancy? we have placed a few image screen shots below.

We love it when we come across iPhone 4 accessories with a difference, and trust us when we say “These are very different and we love them”, we like to be very honest in what we say and if we do not like a product we would let you know”.

These products look awesome and we are hoping that they are just an awesome when we apply them to one of our iPhone 4 smartphones.

Please use the commenting area below and let us know what you think of the designs, will you be buying any?

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