iPhone 5 Is More Significant Upgrade Claims Analyst

Yes folks more speculation on the iPhone 5 scuttlebutt has hit the net today, and as we know there isn’t a day that goes past when iPhone 5 rumours aren’t mentioned in one form or another, and this latest speculation has it that the fifth generation iPhone will be a more significant upgrade than first thought according to an analyst.

According to an article over on Apple Insider, Sterne Agee analyst Shaw Wu states that he has received one question concerning the iPhone 5 from investors and that question is “Why would a customer consider buying a so-called “iPhone 5” without 4G if Apple plans to release a 4G long-term evolution handset in the future?”

Seems a fair enough question to me but then my view is that Apple could wrap up just about anything in an iPhone shell and the iOS faithful would rush out and purchase the device without question, but that is only my personal view on the matter.

Wu further wrote, “Well, it turns out that we are picking up that this interim iPhone refresh in the Fall timeframe could be a bigger upgrade than we expected. We believe this keeps the iPhone fresh and competitive and helps maintain its leadership position.”

Basically Wu goes on to state just about everything that has previously been rumoured with the iPhone 5 such as the iOS smartphone having a bigger display whilst being a thinner handset and feature the A5 dual core processor found in the Apple iPad 2, so nothing we didn’t already know.

Although Wu does expect the iPhone 5 to come out to play with a thinner profile and bigger touch screen, he doesn’t believe the next generation iPhone will support 4G LTE technology as the tech still has some issues with network coverage and battery life, but does expect Apple to sort those problems at some point in the future.

So basically Wu has just gone over old ground and is calling it a more significant upgrade than previous rumours have suggested, but then again haven’t previous rumours said the iPhone 5 would come with a larger edge-to-edge display, thinner profile, A5 processor and lack 4G?

Perhaps now because an analyst basically agrees with everyone else in the mobile space it makes the rumours that more believable? But as I always say, only Apple knows what the iPhone 5 will be like so until then everything lese is just speculation and should be treated as such.

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