Nokia N9 Release Date Stupidity, iPhone 5 Domination

When it comes to release date stupidity, we have to say Nokia wins this one hands down. Obviously if the latest news is correct that the Nokia N9 is set to release September 15 then they really should have a rethink. The new Apple iPhone 5 is set to release the second half of September, and it is the iPhone 5 domination that could potentially slow Nokia sales, so who do you think win in sales?

The Nokia N9 September 15 release date in our eyes is a little too close to the Apple iPhone 5 release, Apple sales will out-do Nokia by a lot and we suggest Nokia release now or end of October.

If you visit the official Orange website (Link Below) you will see that the Nokia N9 is definitely coming soon with a message saying “This product is not yet available but will come soon. Check out its features and get ready for its launch on the 15.09.2011.

The site also has a few images and all the features of the MeeGo smartphone, with specs such as an 8MP camera on the back and a VGA front-facing camera for video calls, and the 1GHz single-core processor should give sufficient speeds you need.

Main Features Include: MeeGo OS v1.2, 3.9-inch touchscreen display (AMOLED 16M colours – 480 x 854 pixels), 8 MP video camera with Carl Zeiss optics, Media player, FM radio, Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n, 1 GHz Cortex processor, A-GPS with Nokia Maps, Bluetooth 2.1, 16 GB internal memory, TV out, Exchange Active-Sync, 135 grams, 116.5 x 59 x 10.5 mm. There is much more features on this device, but is it enough to go up against the iPhone 5? Please read on and then comment, thanks.

The Nokia N9 MeeGo smartphone will give you up to 7 hours of talk time and up to 16 days standby time, it will also bring 850/900/1800/1900 (2G) and 900/2100 (3G).

Even thought the Orange Switzerland site gives the September 15 release date it does not mean this is the guaranteed date. For more information and option to sign-up to the “Remind Me” page please visit Orange.

Just to get to know our readers a little more, please do let us know if you will be buying the Nokia N9 MeeGo smartphone or if you will be getting the Apple iPhone 5, thank you so much for your time.

Please let us know what device with the pick of iPhone 5 or Nokia N9 you would choose and why, the more information you give us the more we know about you and what is more favoured. Please use the commenting area below, be the first to comment. Thanks


35 thoughts on “Nokia N9 Release Date Stupidity, iPhone 5 Domination”

  1. Definitely I’ll get Nokia N9, why? just because I need a new brand and a “fresh air” in my mobile experience, iphone 5 will be surely much better according to all tech fans, but I am quite exhausted about iOS 5 news and Steve Jobs pretentious and misterious new models rumours…. This new Nokia N9 and its OS is something new, simple in its use and so gorgeous style! Iphone: I’ll see you again someday, by now, I give you up

  2. Bardhok Ndoji says:

    Are you serious? Nokia N9 or iPhone 5?
    Its all the way iPhone 5, been using iPhone for 3 years and will never go for any other!
    iPhone does simply work!

  3. Nokia N9 all the way…. as for iphone 3/4 or 5 who the hell wants to have to use itunes for everything on their phone?? does no one know how to use a computer to drag and drop mp3’s on to a phone? do people not know how to rip a CD to mp3’s?? if so then yes itunes / iphone are for them… but for people who know how to do mp4 video’s and do mp3’s inc artwork without a massive application like itunes which takes over your computer, I’d rather do it myself and have control.

    But I will admit I will never buy a WP7 nokia…. if I really wanted WP7 I could of bought alot of different phones with that on already….

  4. Anonymous says:

    nokia n9 all the way! Iphone you get the same thing every year with minor changes.
    And yes ive had several iphones very good phone dont get me rong its just the same thing with a different design.

    1. Anjanu Sonkar says:

      Thats what you and I think…but all others are just ga-ga over iPhone…they will simply buy iPhone 5 cause its Apples iPhone and nothing else…Nokia should release N9 today or at the most tomorrow…that goes for everyday

  5. Anonymous says:

    Nokia N9, because I need my phone to do two things. Take great pictures and make phone calls.

    The iphone’s camera is always pathetic, and they usually drop calls as well. I have no idea what people use iphones for, actually.

    1. Dheeraj Kumar says:

      I phone is basically a toy for gadget freak kids….. it doesnt have really any useful application….the following lacks in iphone
      Camera is under expectation
      You cannot watch multi format video files directly on the TV
      You cannot control your computer
      You cannot have built in FM transmitter
      Calls always drops, no clarity…
      After some time of use, battery capacity falls down…
      Speaker is not pretty to hear the ring tone when call comes….
      Playing games is not so good, sometimes crappy…..

      All it has is Shiny and slim looks……and good touch responsive and retina display…

      Nokia is falling behind only in terms of touch responsive, super amoled display, and good OS…. I hope all the three will be fulfilled with the release of N9.
      Going forward the Meego could become the star perfomer when matched with Nokia….

  6. Anonymous says:

    A really good Nokia first MeeGo phone. It’s sad that they signed that future away with Microsoft. Nokia better as much resources as Microsoft will allow them into MeeGo, so Nokia can have something to fall back once the Microsoft contract expires.

  7. Anonymous says:

    A really good Nokia first MeeGo phone. It’s sad that they signed that future away with Microsoft. Nokia better as much resources as Microsoft will allow them into MeeGo, so Nokia can have something to fall back once the Microsoft contract expires.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Nokia is not stupid. On the contrary. It simply does not want to sell any Nokia N9 devices. So by releasing Nokia N9 at the same time with iPhone 5, it knows that everyone will buy the iPhone 5. This will play nicely to Nokia hands, since it will be able to persuade everyone (the investors, the consumers & most importantly itself) that WM7 was the right choice, because both Symbian & MeeGo would prove to be uncompetitive in relation to Android & iOS. Imagine what would happen if everyone started buying Nokia N9 at the same time that Nokia had put all its eggs into one basket, that of WP7. Personally, I would never buy an iPhone, but definitely Nokia N9 would be at the top of wish list.

  9. Javier Mejia says:

    I will have to agree with the OdysseasP’s theory. However, I will go for the Nokia N9 without doubts. I actually lost my mobile almost a month ago and I have been waiting since them for the N9…. At the moment I am using a odd old old device.

  10. I am a die hard nokia fan. if its nokia i trust it. I have been waiting months for the N9 and the minute it arrives i gatta get it. The iphone is jus 2 sensitive and weak 2 me. battery life sucks and memory capacity is even worse. N9 ALL THE WAY

  11. Kevin Chadwick says:

    Just looked at the IOS5 review. Didn’t get past the summary, wow was I bored with basic things that should have been on the first Iphone.

    N9 every time, you can get claws mail :-@

    Unfortunately I’ve been waiting too long and I’m not sure it will be available on contract and is looking over priced and difficult to get in the UK. I will be getting a good value Android real soon, people must be dumb to spend so much on such mediocre iphones. Whilst the hype technique apple often uses of delaying to make mediocre products seem great may have helped, Nokia simply don’t spend the money on marketing which makes the media favor Apple as they have always had the build quality that Apple couldn’t even contemplate meaning guaranteed sales. Nokia need the word of mouth to spread the news which the iphone 5 will likely stifle. Too bad Nokia seem to be missing their opportunity to give Android real competition. Android is no panacea and Meego has the potential to get more community backing than Android. It seems the management is decapitated from the company which never bodes well for a company, no matter how good.

  12. Tomcat says:

    The Nokia N9 is by far the best phone Nokia has ever made. MeeGo is a stable and reliable OS, supported by a huge community, having his roots on Linux you can imagine what can it be done. Apple and Microsoft are scared of Linux, have you ever wondered why is iTunes supported under Windows but not under Linux? and by the way, where is the iPhone5, is apple stuck with their designed?

  13. Jascat1 says:

    Mos def!! Hav 2 get that Nokia N9!! Apple you doin your thing…. but Nokia has a real steal on their hands rite now!!!! My only if is… the N9 not coming to America!!! Whats up with that? We like fly things too!!

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