Verizon 4G LTE Samsung Stratosphere Coming

Apparently the scuttlebutt has it that there just might be a new 4G LTE smartphone coming to play on the Bid Red network at some point in the future a device that is being called the Samsung Stratosphere, although details on the new presumably Android handset are somewhat unknown.

According to the guys over at Droid-life, their source has stated that the Samsung Stratosphere will be 4G LTE enabled and that Verizon Wireless expects the device to make “a significant splash.”

The guys say there is a possibility that the Samsung Stratosphere could be the previously spotted Samsung Slider by they hold out hope that it isn’t, and hope that the Samsung Stratosphere is actually the Verizon bound Samsung Galaxy S II but can’t confirm that hope.

The article also makes mention of Motorola’s CEO Sanjay Jha making a statement last week that his new handset would be the first dual core 4G LTE smartphone on the planet, and if true then it’s unlikely we will see the Samsung Stratosphere come to play on the Big Red this month.

Furthermore the guys say there is further evidence that the Samsung Stratosphere is coming as they have discovered that Verizon has a Samsung Stratosphere support page, and although created the page is currently unavailable.

The guys also say that the Big Red makes these support pages for all their new devices, thus when they were redirected to the official Stratosphere support page they knew that Stratosphere isn’t just the code name of the device.

So basically what is know of the new handset at this point in the game is that it will be called the Samsung Stratosphere, is coming to the Verizon network at some point in the future, and will probably be Verizon’s next 4G LTE enabled device, and the possibility that it could be the Samsung Slider or the Samsung Galaxy S II, but that is of course unconfirmed.

And that’s basically your lot as nothing else on the Stratosphere is known at this time, but over time more will undoubtedly become available from one source or another and naturally we will pass whatever information comes out way along to our readership.


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