I’m Watch for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, WP7: Price & Specs

If you are looking for an accessory that not only looks great but also works really well with smartphones, may I take this time to talk about the new I’m Watch by Blue Sky.

These Android-based watches by the Blue Sky group look fantastic and are compatible with the iPhone 4, ALL Android devices, Windows Phone 7 (WP7) and BlackBerry devices, the watches do run a customized version of Android (Android 1.6). Personally they could have had a better operating system but hey ho it is a start.

The lowest price of the I’m Watch is 249 euro and for this price you can choose an array of colours such as the i’m White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Pink, or Black, these are the affordable models. You can opt for the more expensive I’m watches and these are the Titanium for 599€, Yellow Gold 11.999€, Pink Gold 11.999€, White Gold & Diamonds for a whopping 14.999€, the Black Gold is priced at 11.999€, and would hate to think what the price of the i’m Special version is (only with luxury materials) and you can get price upon request.

The user places this watch on their wrist and can access the application suite via their smartphone, basically a miniature version of your smartphone on your wrist; it uses the same sort of touch-based controls like your smartphone. The screen size is 1.54-inch but allows you to access photos, email, music and much more, comes with a headphone jack and volume controls on the side.

The watch works with the smartphone via Bluetooth connection, you can even access screen calls on the watch, you can receive text message notifications, the watch does not have a keyboard so no typing can be done.

You can pre-order i’m watch select via Blue Sky official i’m Watch website, these will be release top market in November 2011.

The Main Specs Include: Freescale IMX233 CPU, 64MB of memory, run up to 48 continuous hours without Bluetooth use, and 30 hours with Bluetooth use, built-in Li-Po 350 mA battery, 4GB flash storage, this watch does not have WiFi connection, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, Android based operating system, 3.5 mm headphone connection, Microphone, Built-in speaker, 1.54-inch (diagonal) colour TFT display, 240×240 pixel resolution, 220 ppi, compatible with iPhone 4, Android devices, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, and much more.

Languages: English (U.S.), English (UK), French (France), German, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Arabic, Thai, Czech, Greek, Hebrew, Indonesian, Malay, Romanian, Slovak, Croatian, Catalan and Vietnamese.

Please do let us know what you think of the new i’m watch, is it a product you would consider buying?

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93 thoughts on “I’m Watch for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, WP7: Price & Specs”

  1. Atwq says:

    I’d consider buying but at that price without seeing a video of it in action, that’s too much of a gamble. Also how much are they going to strt charging for thir apps?

  2. Jurena23 says:

    I love the idea but like the other guy said its too much money doesn’t matter what it does I think they are really taking advantage of the idea wich is really cool I thing at 200 dollars is a very lucrative price and would have much much much more better feed back how is a person gonna buy a watch that cost more than the phone unless you have money to blow wich not that manny working people do they just say its cool but won’t get it, if the price drops it would be the best christma gift but for that price I rather get a iPad although it’s not as compact it has way more functions , and the high end ones I rather get me a movado that doesn’t do none of this I like the product the idea but the prince really makes it suck

    1. Anonymous says:

      Now you should be able to input text! iPhone 4s has Siri ( which supports Bluetooth!) nit sould allow you to do your text or email input. I can hardly wait for it to come out.

  3. Liamp says:

    I do want one but android is ugly and buggy. The is itself doesn’t really sell itself as the demo guy takes ages just to return to the home screen. I think most people would be better off getting a nano 6th gen and the lunaTik strap. No text input is just laziness, on a touch screen device it’s easy to modify maybe even have some kind of extendable stylus. I don’t see it lasting more than 20hours battery realistically. The whole I’music thing seems like a money grabbing scam and no doubt will be over-priced under-developed apps and tools. I would like to see an apple equilavent with possible wifi/3G.

  4. its a good start for sure, but i prefer to wait apple to fix this “smartwatch” thing and make it real useful, then when samsung makes a refined copy with bigger screen and more capable hardware, it will be a good time for buying my new gadget ^^

  5. Anonymous says:

    i would not buy if this kind a watch is an apple product.
    It will be bound to suck up iTunes all the time and it would not support other phone except crappy iphones.
    open source is waaay better.
    i’m glad an italian company made it first.

  6. Spike Allibone says:

    It’s high time something like this came out – well done Blue Sky! – Let’s hope you don’t create the niche then get bumped a year later for something better. Let’s look at the product as a whole….. some people in these comments don’t really understand product categories….. notice someone below said that they would rather have an iPad! – you’re not really paying attention are you – it’s a watch! – A WATCH! – So this thing about text entry….. that’s when you use your phones – duh! – Think first about what you will use this for…. let’s think now… how about, telling the time? You see, people will use their phones, iPads, laptops and desktop machines for a variant pile of interlocking tasks. The watch fills a small gap for occasions when you would rather turn your wrist and instantly drink the needed data than reach in your pocket and punch it up on your phone. So – what we are talking about is a product that saves you approximately 4 seconds. – It might sound silly – but that really does have a place in our tech heavy world. I’d buy one – it does not replace my iPhone, but it enhances a small percentage of the features the phone provides. You buy an “I’m Watch” as an add on – not a replacement to anything you already have.
    I know these guys are trying to pack in features to justify the product and its shameful price… but I would imagine I would probably use mine ostensibly to tell the time – but look cool doing it! Yup… thinking about it – we are talking about 70-80% personal image – 10% function and any remainder is fad. Not sure if I’m ready to charge my watch every night.
    Is it waterproof? Do you have to push a button to activate the screen? Does the (never covered by warrantee) strap break after 6 months? Is the glass as tough as my Tag Heur? – not sure this will be a revolution, but I do think it’s a gateway to a wealth of new clever watches… the real revolution is when someone makes it more indispensable than just saving 4 seconds.

    1. G7 says:

      You reckon we’ll belive you have a Tag “Heur” when you can’t even spell the name?  It’s Tag Heuer.  If you have the watch it’s written on your wrist so not that hard to check…

  7. David says:

    no keyboard means no typing? what about the voice support present in the android keyboard? it would be a shame for such a device to only be good for little more than reading notifications.

    1. Brenno says:


  8. Viranga Senadipathy says:

    if no one likes this, you don’t have a understanding of what this means to the future… the innovation… other watches, that have been made, don’t even come close to this… if you don’t like it… just go look up apple products, obviously that’s where your iQ is at… people who understand this, will make good use of this, and this is just the start… great job i say for a starter watch, android, where you can do james bond/dick tracy… people have been waiting for something like this for a while…can’t wait for the next installment… functional.

    1. Thomas Wotherspoon says:

      what’s with the bash on Apple devices? This gadget will support iPhone just as well as anything else… enfact I was saying just the other day to a friend of mine, if Apple had any sense, they would redesign the nano to be a watch with this kind of feature. 

      Even if it’s limited to seeing notifications and looking through your contacts list. you can still see the incoming messages and read them… if you need to reply then get your phone out and do so. But could save people time and issues especially while driving. Much easier to check your wrist rather than reaching for a phone that could be in a bag or in your pockets.

    2. Thomas Wotherspoon says:

      what’s with the bash on Apple devices? This gadget will support iPhone just as well as anything else… enfact I was saying just the other day to a friend of mine, if Apple had any sense, they would redesign the nano to be a watch with this kind of feature. 

      Even if it’s limited to seeing notifications and looking through your contacts list. you can still see the incoming messages and read them… if you need to reply then get your phone out and do so. But could save people time and issues especially while driving. Much easier to check your wrist rather than reaching for a phone that could be in a bag or in your pockets.

    1. Phil says:

      Don’t order one! Nearly a year after first orders were made and not one product has shipped. These guys will take your money and you will never get any information from them!

      1. Alex says:

        I’m also scammed. My inquiry has never been replied. Just now I received a mail to complete the order without any explanation. We should spread out the words, so that others won’t get scammed as well.

        1. Michaelchubb says:

           This phone is not stand alone, It does not take a sim card it will only work as a phone if you sync it with another phone. Which means you have to carry your regular phone with you. Which is kind of pointless.

  9. Carlosfierro_99 says:

    Too limited features for the prize.  Despite small, looks like a fondue pot in any wrist.  And the position to operate it in the wrist looks a little uncomfortable. mmm remembers me the first electronic watches in 70’s movies that did nothing else than telling the time and looked as if you have your car’s speedometer in your wrist…! 

  10. Hihihihihi says:

    looks amazing, when does it come out in england, i know its a little over priced but it would solve the problem of me constantly loosing my ipod shuffle 🙂 plus i have a htc wildfire s, and i love that this is finally an independant product from android 🙂

    1. Hotphiluk says:

      You can only “order” it online. But a year after starting taking orders, not one unit has shipped. It’s impossible to get anything other than generic apologies for further delays from the company. Be wary if giving them money.

  11. Bomyne says:

    The only problem i see is the 6 to 8 weeks shipping time. They need to get it in stores in at least the US and UK.

    Personally I’ll wait until i see some reviews before i buy it.

  12. Guillermo Fierros says:

    Hello: Buy this watch. I’m Tech changed the date of delivery in three occasions. But I willanswer, evasively. There are many customers who report fraud.Request a refund of my money. I answered. They blocked my emial. I try to open a tiket and I get a legend die: Since this email is not possible to open tikets.It was a terrible shopping experience, I feel disappointed and cheated.It is unfortunate.

  13. Guillermo Fierros says:

    Hello: Buy this watch. I’m Tech changed the date of delivery in three occasions. But I willanswer, evasively. There are many customers who report fraud.Request a refund of my money. I answered. They blocked my emial. I try to open a tiket and I get a caption that says: From this email you can not open tikets.It was a terrible shopping experience, I feel disappointed and cheated.It is unfortunate.

  14. Johnchowcc says:

    I had a Sony bluetooth watch before and the LCD screen failed after using for 6 months…. nice to have but cant last. So, if it is cheap can try…

  15. Akumetsu says:

    The price is exorbitant. Granted, as with all things “new” in the tech realm, prices are high, but then come down after time has passed. I’d personally wait about a year, year and a half before taking this seriously. The reports of the company taking people’s money and not shipping product is also worrisome.

    People need to learn how to read things like specs and compatabilities…. Folks are asking when the watch is available where they live. It’s available *now*, but the thing is, you can buy it ONLY online. No retail outlets have yet been established, which is another issue, because it adds the complicated step of reshipping the product for repair or replacement in case of failure, and again, this raises the issue of the company’s business ethic; if they are taking orders and money but not shipping in the first place, how are they going to be in honouring warranties?

    Some people are advocating purchase because of how handy the watch would be, like not having to fumble with a bag, purse or pocket for your phone WHILE DRIVING. I should point out that being distracted by having to speak into your wrist is just as dangerous as messing around with a cell phone; mental distraction plus one hand on the wheel is inviting disaster, although it appears you can use the stock Apple headphone/mic combo, but then you just run into the problem of getting the wires of the headset tangled up in something.

    Other people have bemoaned the fact that there is no text entry. One notable exclamation; “Why would I want to read a text if I can’t respond to it?”. Let me ask you this; why do you think you HAVE to respond to a text “OMG, RIGHT NOW!!”? The idea is to just give you a notification that the event happened and allow you to get to it in your own sweet time. If it’s so ugent or important, drop everything, whip out your phone and use that. Take control of the gadget, don’t let the gadget dictate to YOU. Pretty simple.

    Finally, there are folks here who seem to actually believe this is, in fact, an Apple product. It is NOT. Remember, Apple does not employ the use of the Android OS. again, pay attention to the details of the specs given to you in black and white on the screen. It’s not rocket science.

    In the end, this is just a slick little interface, nothing more. It will appeal to hardcore technophiles who want to project an image of “coolness” at the expense of their wallets, the tech version of a hipster who can say they bought in to the concept before it became mainstream and everyone else liked it. In the end I’m personally taking a “wait and see” approach, because not only is this new, but there’s the legal arena to consider; Apple is absolutely *rabid* about “protecting” their designs, features and anything that even remotely copies or reproduces their “signature” style is a target for litigation. They’ve shut down the manufacture of other products, citing “infringement” of their interface, so this product could very well be next.

  16. Scoon0224 says:

    It only works for ME if it can play music wirelessly to bluetooth headphones. Does it?

    (and the price needs work… but it’s an all new product, and much more highly specced than an iPod Nano, with more functionality… strap included, bluetooth, phone syncing, more apps, etc)

    1. Anonymous says:

      You’ll not get it in the US, or anywhere else. The company have failed to ship any units, or even show that they exist other than a few prototypes.

  17. M260 says:

    i ordered one watch a few months ago and was given a delivery date but the date has come and gone and still no watch.  i try to open ticket and get told im not allowed.

    i have tried to contact many times but no response.  i have given a deposit but nothing so far.

    a really disappointing experience 

  18. Karanligin-is1gi says:

    I seriously liked the watch alot but i’m in to these cell phone watches alot for the last few days and to be honest guys this is the best looking one and useable one ive seen so far the only thing that is bad about it is it does not have a sim card slot it is soo sad for them to build such great thing and yet ask you to carry your cellphone on you.. and ive just checked out imwatch web sites its available for orders but every web site ive checked at people are saying they placed the order months ago they recieved order date but it’s long gone. i really dont think it’s a scamm but the company should get there orders in time i want to order one it really doesn not looks like its going to come in handy for me but seriiosly it just looks great. id love to have one on my arm soon as possible. if anyone know something about there delievery problems id like to know please . 🙂

    1. Rekka says:

      Hey, I know you posted 3 months ago but to let everyone know!!!! I ordered mine and got no Shipment confirmation just an email that said expect your order to be shipped in 6-8 weeks… Then suddenly 1 week later shipped and I recieved it, by what I consider compared to all these stories was “super fast”. Many features are not as great as you imagine but they are constantly releasing updates… If an interesting device that slowly gets better and more useful is what you want… go for it! If you want something unbelievably awesome… try something else… like Motoactv, oh wait that breaks from the strap. OK, get a pebble then, whoops doesn’t exist yet and “paper” screen. WIMM one is also in DEV stage. So i guess that leaves Sony and any watch companies that implement BT. Good Luck to all! And whatever your choice, I hope it fits your need! PEACE! LOL

  19. brianj says:

    I have this watch now. After using it for a month I can now say that is quite a disappointment. As an android developer, this Its not my first picnic, here are some honest bits of information about this watch.

    1. The pictures shown around are NOT the watch that is currently shipping in production. It is much thicker!

    2. The constant hype on their site over how this is “the smartest watch in the world” and “the power is in your hands” also extends to the watch as the boot screen says “enjoy the future now”, the clock app says “I’M right in the center”, the armband says “IM WATCH” in both sides, the belt click says “made in itally”. It is all seriously nauseating.

    3. The “IM Cloud” is a joke! Their cloud is just a few Google App Engine hosted scripts that look like the developer tutorials but with an extremely crappy interface. If you want your email, facebook, calendar and all those things to work you have to add “each” separate account info in said “im cloud”. Then the phone “syncs” to the cloud to pull data from google applications via them acting as proxy. The watch does not do any of the work and the integration is always producing outdated data. Basic needs like email alert are just useless.

    4. MANY BUGS! man does it got bugs. Since its google based, pictures come from picasa. Pulling 8 images into the watch will run your battery down by 50%. I make a call for 15 minutes, the battery goes down by 60%, sometimes more. Many other basic things just max the cpu and kill the battery. Dont expect this watch to be able to run apps that pull data or monitor sensors because it just cant (I have tried).

    5. The launcher is basic, you can add apps like you do in the android phone, major flaw is you can not remove them from the launcher once their are added (trust me, its bad).

    6. Facebook, email, news, twitter and all those feeds give you first 64 characters, you can not touch an email to read more, nor a news feed to read more, nor facebook or even something as basic as a tweet. Facebook only shows messages, not a feed. The stock app is a joke, don’t bother, it looks like they did not to even write a stylesheet for it. Weather and calculator work well. The rest is standard android 1.6 apps they ripped off and put their name on them.

    7. There is no such thing as the “I’Market” yet. Their site talks about their wonderful market but this does not exist yet.

    Ok, so these are just a few things I can think of now. This is a very long way from being a complete product. If you spend the money to get the expensive kind, you are wasting it on a skin for a bad watch. Wait for someone who can manufacture a better product.

  20. Barry says:

    Unfortunately with my experience with this company I would advise everyone to steer well clear. It looks good but … the company overcharged me for the product, it has been delayed a couple of times already and I’m still waiting for a refund. You have been warned.

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