iOS 5 Beta 5 Released: Includes Speech To Text, Voice Opinions

Apple has now released its new iOS 5 beta 5, which means it is ready to release very soon. Many wondered if the new operating system update would contain speech-to-text, well the wondering could stop now because it does indeed include this new feature.

iOS 5 beta refresh time is now at its 5th stage of development and now released to developers, Engadget reveals that the new OS notes contains the possibility of multiple iCloud accounts, just got to see if they release this within the final public release.

The new voice-to-text or speech-to-text, call it what you may could possibly release to customers this fall, 9to5Mac received some amazing screenshots of the new speech-to-text feature and can be activated by tapping the new microphone key, this key is situated on the left side of the spacebar on the on-screen keyboard.

This new feature looks brilliant and once the microphone key has been tapped a grey overlay will pop up when users are chatting, when the conversation has ended the words that the user spoke will be shown in the text field.

This feature may not be included into the final iOS 5 release, we will obviously keep you in the know, and as soon as we know something more we will notify you. To stay updated please join us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+

We would love to hear from our readers on what they think of this new “Speech To Text” feature, is it something you would love to see within the final public release of iOS 5? If you are a developer and testing iOS 5 beta 5, please do come forward and let us know how it is going, the more you let us know the better. Thanks

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