T-Mobile HTC Ruby Gets Pictured Again

Phones Review Quickie: As far as I am aware we’ve only seen the HTC Ruby for T-Mobile once before and that was with the handset captured in the reflection of the HTC Flyer tablet, but now we have a much clearer shot of the T-Mobile bound HTC Ruby for your consideration.

The guys over at Pocket Now have come up with this latest shot of the Ruby, a device first thought to have been the Sprint bound HTC Arrive, but as we’ve already learn from the previous post that wasn’t the case.

The guys also say that with the HTC Ruby they are put in mind of a mashup of the T-Mobile myTouch and an HTC Sensation, but obviously will not ship as part of the myTouch range.

This latest piece of visual evidence does at least give us a look at what the HTC Ruby looks like from the front as previously those reflected images only showed the rear view of the smartphone showing it has a white casing and a camera of unknown description along with possible an LED flash.

It still remains somewhat of a mystery at this stage in the game as to what operating system the HTC Ruby will come out to play sporting as although the guys say it is an Android device, first rumours had it that the handset could also be a Windows Phone 7 device.

Thus basically although we now have a different view of the HTC Ruby very little detail on the smartphone is available, although apparently HTC CEO Peter Chou has said there would be 6 to 8 HTC devices this quarter so the HTC Ruby could possibly turn out to be one of them.

Like I said earlier, nothing is really known for sure on the HTC Ruby, but rest assured as soon as more details become available we will of course pass them along to out readership.

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