Apple Versus HTC: ITC To Investigate Newest Patent Complaint

Ah the wonderful would of patent infringement is still rolling on when it comes to the patent battle between Apple and HTC. As you may be aware recently Apple made yet another patent infringement complaint against HTC, and it appears that the US International Trade Commission has now agreed to investigate Apple’s newest complaint.

According to an article over on Slash Gear, the US ITC has now confirmed they will investigate Apple’s complaint against HTC, a complaint that was filed by Apple last month and concerns “Portable Electronic Devices and Related Software,” which is said to cover IP infringements by HTC smartphones, HTC Sense customisations, applications and the HTC Flyer.

Apple has already won one case against HTC whereby the US ITC ruled that the Android handset make infringed on 2 Apple patents, although HTC has vowed to appeal against the ruling, and has even hit back at Apple by filing a complaint against Apple over here in the UK.

Apparently with the new complaint Apple has asked the US ITC to issue a cease and desist order along with an exclusion order, something that no doubt other Android device makers such as Samsung are watching closely.

Although HTC has already claimed that they have a workaround when it comes to the patents they had been found guilty of infringing and thus aid infringement wouldn’t be at issue in HTC devices produced in 2012.

I’m not sure the way all this patent infringement commotion is going can be considered good for the smartphone and tablet space, other than of course Apple if they continue to win, which could result in Apple basically clearing the way of all its rivals in the mobile arena.

However I can’t really see the ITC banning the import of overseas device makers such as HTC or Samsung or other, but I guess there is always a chance that Apple will end up ruling the roost, albeit not being good for competition or the public.

But no matter what us normal folk think about the situation the patent infringement battlefield will continue to grow as more and more suits are brought, which in the end will no doubt have an affect on what a device will eventually cost the public.


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  1. rene says:

    apple look like a chick from the hood, who never have nothing before, and now that have something, is jealous from everyone, that is insecurity,or is afraid that will lose the market place share?

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